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  • VF 2012 Full Cover

    Vanity Fair-Skinned Only? The Race Issue in the “Hollywood Issue”


    I guess the last few years of backlash weren’t enough to convince Vanity Fair to stop whitewashing beauty out of its pages. Here’s a refresher: the “Fresh Faces of 2010” featured a lineup of nine beautiful young stars, all of whom had one noticeable attribute in common: they were …

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  • Weight, Size and Media Lies: The Numbers Don’t Add Up


      We’ve all been duped. After years of TV watching, magazine reading, advertising exposure and media dominating our worlds, too many of us have internalized sneaky media lies that normal, average and regular, healthy women all maintain a weight of about 100-125 and wear between a …

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  • VS1

    Victoria’s Dirty Little Secret


    You’ve probably heard VS rolled out a line of lingerie for teens called “Bright Young Things.”As part of the PINK brand for all the teenaged “things” across the world, these undies feature polka-dot hipsters with “Feeling Lucky?” printed on them, a lacey thong with the words, …

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  • Our Issue with Swimsuits (or lack thereof) in Sports Illustrated


      Every February, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue hits the mailboxes of 70 million SI subscribers, every newsstand and media outlet, and hundreds of millions will view the thousands of digitally manipulated, nude and near-nude images online.   Since it’s unlikely you will hear any …

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  • Star Di Disney Channel

    TV Boosts Self-Esteem!…If you’re white and male.


      Brand new research shows TV has a direct negative influence on girls’ and black boys’ self-esteem and a positive effect on white boys’. While we applaud media that promotes positive self-image for any group, we’re not so pumped (and not so shocked) about the …

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  • Clothes At Beach Thinspo

    Why “Fitspiration” Isn’t so Inspirational


      If you are on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram, you have seen fitness inspiration images just in time for “the holidays” or “bikini season” or your “big day” to motivate you to “get fit” – we call them “fitspiration.” They are almost always images of …

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  • ESPN Screenshot

    ESPN’s “Hot or Not” is Soooo Not Hot.


    (For an exciting update as of 1/16/2013, be sure to read to the end of this post!) Every week, Utah-based sports radio station ESPN 700 takes a break from sports commentary to host a forum for objectifying, degrading, insulting and marginalizing women called “Hot or …

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  • Cosmo Mags1

    Cosmo Magazine: The Best-Seller That Sells Women Short


    Cosmopolitan magazine – the notoriously risque and best-selling women’s magazine for decades – says it is “by women for women.” In a media landscape jam-packed with sources by men for women, this magazine has serious potential to break free from the stifling, predictable, cookie-cutter portrayals of sexuality, bodies …

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  • Sexualized Horse

    Sexy Ponies and Tarted-Up Trolls? Teaching Toddlers Sexual Objectification


    At Beauty Redefined, we’re working to help everyone recognize and reject harmful ideals about bodies – from normalized pornography in escapable media messages like Victoria’s Secret to skewed health ideals, Photoshopping, etc. — but one very vulnerable group needs to be specifically addressed. To share …

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  • “Weigh Less, Smile More:” How Fitness Magazines Define Health in Very Unhealthy Ways


    Though fashion and lifestyle magazines are the traditional targets of research on body image dissatisfaction and eating disorder connections, I argue that fitness magazines are an even more important source to examine for their potential influence on these matters. They don’t just show readers what’s in style or what’s …

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