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  • Physically Photoshopping Ourselves Out of Reality


      When the digital world of female faces and bodies looks nothing like the natural world, is it any wonder that women have turned to physical alteration to meet the unreal standards? The possibility of achieving unnatural ideals through enhancements, procedures and products is a game-changer …

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  • Sticky Frames Web Banner 24

    Stick it to the Man! Or to the Mirror.


    You are capable of much more than looking hot. Your reflection does not define your worth. There is more to be than eye candy. You are Beauty Redefined! You are are worthy of love, happiness, success, admiration and confidence just as you are now. Cheesy? …

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  • Support Beauty Redefined!


    To move forward in our mission to take back beauty for females everywhere through billboards, speaking engagements, advocacy and activism, Beauty Redefined is in need of your help! We are SO excited to see our messages for postive body image reaching wonderful people across the …

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  • Choose Your Own Beautiful Adventure!


    Choose your own beautiful adventure starting now! The scenario: A new zit pops up on your face. There’s a big, fun party tonight you’ve been planning to attend. You have two options. a) You decide to stay home until your face clears up. Skip to …

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  • We’re Not Buying Candie’s or Their Sexed-Up Ads!


    Thanks to Dr. Jennifer Shewmaker, who heads Operation Transformation, we have learned about the teen clothing line Candie’s latest ad campaign! Beauty Redefined is all about recognzing and rejecting harmful  messages about women’s bodies, and the blatant sexualization of very young women’s bodies for marketing …

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  • Billboard Beauty Redefined: Our Final 4 Messages!


    IT’S HAPPENING! Our goal for raising enough $$$ for 10 billboards ($2,200) has been met! We are SO excited and so grateful to our many wonderful, generous, amazing supporters who have made this happen! After quickly raising this money, we met with an incredible graphic …

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  • Billboard Beauty Redefined: It’s Happening!


    Beauty Redefined is ridiculously excited to announce that we are officially taking Beauty Redefined to the streets! After proving our non-profit status, we have been approved by Reagan Billboards to promote healthy body image as a public service announcement (PSA) on billboards all over our home base, here …

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