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  • Physically Photoshopping Ourselves Out of Reality


      When the digital world of female faces and bodies looks nothing like the natural world, is it any wonder that women have turned to physical alteration to meet the unreal standards? The possibility of achieving unnatural ideals through enhancements, procedures and products is a game-changer …

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    Stick it to the Man! Or to the Mirror.


    You are capable of much more than looking hot. Your reflection does not define your worth. There is more to be than eye candy. You are Beauty Redefined! You are are worthy of love, happiness, success, admiration and confidence just as you are now. Cheesy? …

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  • Swimsuit2012

    Sex Appeal and Thin Ideals: Are Men to Blame?


    We know body hatred, self-objectification, disordered eating and cosmetic surgery are at all-time highs. So who is to blame for all the serious body image issues so rampant among girls and women today? Money? Media? Sexism? Psychological factors? While it’s likely a complicated combination of …

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    To BE or To Be Looked At?


    You are capable of much more than looking hot. Have you thought about this statement? Do you understand the gravity of it? This phrase gave me goosebumps when I let it sink in. Women are always being looked at. And when we aren’t being looked at, …

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  • Roadside Beauty Redefined!

    All over the world, it’s rare to see an advertisement that does anything positive for female body image. But Beauty Redefined is all about the battle to take back “beauty,” and now we’re taking that battle to the streets! We want to help redefine beauty …

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  • There is HOPE! Beautiful Words from our Beautiful Supporters


      The most rewarding part of dedicating so much of our lives to this cause is the feedback we get from supporters – whether they’ve been online reading our research or have been in the audience of one of our presentations, or both. Along with …

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