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  • Body Shame on You


    “Shame on you!” Just the sound of that phrase feels awful, right? When someone says that phrase to you, it’s hard to ignore. But too many girls and women live in a constant state of shame that feels completely normal today — what scholars call …

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  • Body Hate Apocalypse

    Body Hate Apocalypse 2012: The End of Body Hating As We Know It!


      2012 is going to mark the end. The Mayans predicted it thousands of years ago. But rather than Armageddon, we think an epic end of a different kind is right around the corner: The end of body hating as we know it. Body Hate Apocalypse 2012 is ON!  2012 …

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  • BeautyRedefined Billboard Lexie

    Redefining Beauty by Promoting Obesity? Not Even Close.


      We, Lindsay and Lexie of Beauty Redefined, often get some interesting feedback about our work. Recently, we were told “we just don’t look like academics” by an important scholar, and was asked why anyone would want to listen to “beautiful women” talk about beauty.  Just months ago, …

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  • The Lies We Buy: Defining Health at Women’s Expense


    In June 2012, the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force renewed a call for physicians to screen all adult patients for obesity by calculating the patient’s BMI, or body mass index. If the patient is obese, doctors are urged to refer those patients to intense nutrition …

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  • “Weigh Less, Smile More:” How Fitness Magazines Define Health in Very Unhealthy Ways


    Though fashion and lifestyle magazines are the traditional targets of research on body image dissatisfaction and eating disorder connections, I argue that fitness magazines are an even more important source to examine for their potential influence on these matters. They don’t just show readers what’s in style or what’s …

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  • Thin Ideals and the Way We Feel


      With such a wealth of research showing that women’s magazines are consistently presenting unrealistic and underweight images of bodies as average and attainable, and with such an intense focus on thinness as the key to health, the corresponding health implications should not be surprising. …

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