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Sticky Note Vote! Help Us Choose Our New Slogan


UPDATE! After hundreds of votes were cast, it’s time to debut our newest sticky note! (Hint: It might be a combo of two sticky notes many of you suggested, you geniuses!) It’s time to plaster these truths on mirrors, windows, magazines, and ads. Love our new sticky note? Buy yours HERE to support our nonprofit today! 

 Image Altered Sticky Note Beauty Redefined


Big things are ahead for Beauty Redefined’s body positive sticky notes, and we need your help choosing our latest slogan! We’re sending packs of these to Sochi with Olympic athletes and secured a couple endorsements with influential people who will be posting pictures of their sticky notes in different places on social media to get people involved in our cause. (!!!) We want our newest sticky note to talk directly back to media that is sure to be Photoshopped out of reality and give passersby a happy reminder. Slap these on magazines in the checkout aisle, tabloids at the doctor’s office, and ads selling unreal ideals to spark insecurity and drive profit. We’re down to three designs and need your help deciding. Vote in the comments section and let us know what bR slogan is your favorite for talking back to degrading media! We need your votes TODAY so vote now. 


Image Altered Unreal Ideals Sticky Note


Image Altered Remove Real Sticky Note


Bodies Fictitious Sticky NoteWhat’s your vote – 1, 2, or 3? Vote in the comments and help us decide how we’ll arm the world with a simple way to talk back to media! 

  1. Shelby

    Loved number 3. Very clever!

    • Rachel Dilts
      Rachel Dilts10-29-2014

      Yes, please do a #3…you have to keep humor in this…or it is so depressing…makes it fun too!

  2. tamsen

    I like #1 and #3.

  3. Miu

    I like #2 “Don’t buy the lies! ” . In my opinion #3 is too complex for slogan and #1 is too obvious. :)

  4. Megan Pratt
    Megan Pratt01-22-2014

    #3! I love that it’s just a bit more cheeky than the other two.

  5. Kim

    I like #3. Very clever!

  6. mary

    2. I love the line “don´t buy lies” it shows how we can fight it. If we don´t buy it, they can´t win!

  7. Fiona

    #1! (Though they are all fantastic!) Thank you for all that you do!

  8. Corlee

    If I must choose – I guess I choose #3. I really do like them all, though. I look forward to getting whichever YOU choose to use!

  9. liora


  10. Linda

    Number three says it best.

  11. Daisy

    #2 Don’t buy the lies!

  12. Fiona

    Just wanted to add that although I think #3 sounds catchy, the second part of it (any resemblance to real bloodies is purely coincidental) doesn’t entirely make sense to me. Obviously they do want the picture to resemble real human bodies because otherwise we’d know it was impossible to ever attain it. When the picture still resembles a human body, it tricks us into thinking if we work hard enough (and buy their product), we will be able to attain it.

    I like #1 because it finishes with a positive, uplifting, and short message that sticks with you. The second sentence in #3 is too long IMO to stick with you and doesn’t send a clear message like #1.

    But that’s just my two cents!

  13. Bethany

    I love #3 the most. :)

  14. Carolina CW
    Carolina CW01-22-2014

    #2 and #1! I can’t actually decide which one is better. From #1, I love “we prefer reality” and from #2, I love “don’t buy the lies”. Great job ladies, as always!

  15. Fiona

    Oops, that should have said ‘bodies’ not ‘bloodies’!

  16. Jessica H
    Jessica H01-22-2014

    I like #2 because in my mind, the only way to fight against the media lies is to educate and encourage the people buying into the lies not to anymore.

  17. Renata

    Definetely number 3!

  18. Keighty

    I think #3 is awesome, but for a quick punch, I’d go with #2. If there is opportunity for dialogue, #3 would be great, but for a picture campaign on social media, #2 seems like it would be the most powerful standing alone.

  19. Lorelei

    #3 is my favorite – clever!

  20. iris


  21. Lisa

    Number 3 is funny, but I agree with others above–#2 is more straightforward and therefore better for a slogan. #3 would be good for a sub-title/sub-slogan, but it’s just a tad too complex and long for a slogan. (Especially because when a shorter slogan is needed, “Don’t buy the lies” can easily serve, while still referencing the longer one.) Still use #3, but just not as a slogan/central marketing piece.

  22. Sara Newman
    Sara Newman01-22-2014

    #3 :)

  23. S McE
    S McE01-22-2014

    Definitely no.2 it is the simplest and simplicity is king when it comes to slogans. The others are good, of course, but no.2 is the most clear and direct.

  24. Hillary


  25. Joy


  26. Hillary

    I see a lot of people like 2 and 3. Perhaps in big letters write “Don’t buy the lies” joined with #3 in smaller text.

    • Rebecca

      #2 or this idea for #2 w/ #3

  27. Shauna

    I agree with Keighty for all the same reasons. Definitely number 2!

  28. Debbie

    #1 or #2

  29. JP

    #2! #2!

  30. amanda kirk
    amanda kirk01-22-2014

    #2 and #3

  31. Lisa


  32. Kelley

    I like #3… It has just a slight bite to it.

  33. Cat

    I love #3, but I think for this purpose, #2 is probably best. I like the ‘don’t buy the lies’ message as it empowers the reader and encourages positive action on their part.

  34. Kristi

    3, definitely.

  35. Sara Lutz
    Sara Lutz01-22-2014

    I love #1! :) I prefer REALITY! :)

  36. Heather Arundel
    Heather Arundel01-22-2014

    I like #2! My daughter liked #1. Really, they are all wonderful!

  37. Debra in TX
    Debra in TX01-22-2014

    #2 gets my vote.

  38. Natasha Lovelace
    Natasha Lovelace01-22-2014

    #2. It will hit the magazines where it really hurts… in their pockets! Nothing speaks louder than that!

  39. Roddy


  40. Estelle

    I liked #1 and #3.

  41. Stephanie

    I like all of them but #1 is my favorite.

  42. Hannah

    #3 is hilarious! We need that one :)

  43. Kristen


    • Kristen

      Or #2. I get what you’re trying to do with #3, but I don’t think it gets the point across.

  44. Nikki

    I think #3 is hilarious! However, to send to Sochi, etc. I think others are right and it needs to be something that everyone globally can relate to. I like #1 much more than #2. It leaves a positive message rather than a “Don’t do”.

    I vote #1.

  45. Natalie fisher
    Natalie fisher01-22-2014

    How about

    “warning these images are digitally altered to reflect an impossible ideal and may be bad for your health.”

    Or else no 3 but I prefer mine :)

    The sunscreen lyric comes to mind.. Do not buy beauty magazines they will only make you feel

  46. Laura

    #1 is concise. Love it!

  47. Grackle


  48. Kim


  49. Nana Tori
    Nana Tori01-22-2014


  50. Nicole

    Definitely number one… I feel like it is the most simple and effective. Not a huge fan of number 3 because I feel like people who aren’t as familiar with our cause might not take it as seriously and think we are overreacting. (even though we aren’t)!

  51. Renee


  52. ashton


  53. Jeana


  54. Lori


  55. Jess

    #2! :)

  56. Elisabeth

    #3 is funny, but I agree with others that it’s too long for the intended use. So I am voting for 1 or 2, leaning slightly toward #2.

  57. Nani

    I prefer #1.

    It points out that the purpose of these magazines is to make money, yet lets people know that it is not reality.
    Plus it is not being too pushy at the end telling anyone what to do (or not do), but merely states a preference and opens eyes to the distorted reality we are surrounded with. Well done.

  58. Natalie

    I like #3 best. I like both the others a lot, too, although I kind of feel like pointing out that they add things in photoshop, too (especially breasts and lengthening legs), so #2 may not be entirely accurate.

  59. Nancy Williams
    Nancy Williams01-22-2014

    #2 — DON’T BUY THE LIES!

  60. Tamsyn Eastgate
    Tamsyn Eastgate01-22-2014


  61. Rebecca


  62. Jenn

    I think #1 is the best. A lot of people commenting like #3, but it might not translate very well culturally.

  63. Anna

    I love #2. The “Don’t buy the lies” speaks to both “buying” as believing and “buying” as consuming. Awesome! Thanks for all you do!

  64. Dianna

    I like 1 and 3!

  65. Jenna

    I like #1 the best.
    “Don’t buy the lies” sounds a little too bossy to me…might make “contrary rebellious” people buy the (magazines, etc.) just to oppose your cause. I don’t know if that would actually happen, but that’s what I thought of.
    I thought #3 was clever, but not “serious” enough for how I feel about this issue :).

  66. Roberta

    #1 and #2 are too generic for me. removing what is not real can apply to anything including products being showcased, so to me it appears soft. let’s get away from assumptions. if something is to be said it should be clear.

  67. Wendy V
    Wendy V01-22-2014

    Number 2!! The message is easily understood. Love it!

  68. Georgia N Ream
    Georgia N Ream01-22-2014

    My vote is for #2!!

  69. Marybeth

    Please pick #2!! I loved it!! Its short, simple, and easy to understand!! The more words, the less likely someone will read through the whole thing. Longer words like “resemblance”and “fictitious” will be difficult for a younger audience to grasp, like teens and tweens! We want your important msg to be heard and reach this generation!!!

    Your other tag lines have been so great and inspiring – my favorite is “your reflection does not defined your worth”

  70. Kelsey

    #1 for sure! I think #2 can come across as a little strong/bossy and #3 seems a tad wordy, although all are amazing!

  71. Phyl Harper
    Phyl Harper01-22-2014

    I like #1, but, to me it has a mismatched ending. Working on the selling idea, the first message, “This image has been altered to SELL unreal ideals”, needs to be combined with the “Don’t buy the lies” ending for it to complete the selling/buying transaction. That is what immediately caught my eye. Thanks for tirelessly advocating for women and girls everywhere.

  72. Kristin

    I love both 2 and 3!!! I love the humor of 3, and I love the “don’t buy” of 2. Can’t go wrong with either!!!

  73. Rebecca

    #2–it’s a good, memorable, fast slogan.

  74. Rachel

    I love them all, especially number 3. But I think I want to vote for #2.

  75. Super Ruth
    Super Ruth01-22-2014

    I like #3 the best because it is funny and true.

  76. Charity Angel
    Charity Angel01-22-2014

    #2 I don’t want to see let a lone BUY the lies…

  77. Heather

    2! :D <3

  78. Bex

    I don’t really like any of them much. I would prefer a mashup… “This image has been altered to sell unrealistic ideals. Don’t buy the lies.”

    In particular, I think “unreal ideal” should say “unrealistic ideals.”

  79. Tess

    3 > 2 > 1 They are all great!

  80. Kathy Trithardt
    Kathy Trithardt01-22-2014

    I like them all, but I think #1 is my favourite.

  81. Amy


  82. Gen


  83. Rachel

    I like 3 the most (I like the cleverness and slight sarcasm) But 2 and 3 are probably better for a sticky note/slogan. If it’s too wordy, people won’t read it. If it was me writing the slogan, I’d combine 1 & 2 to say ..

    This image has been altered to sell unreal ideals.

    Don’t buy the lies.

    • Stephanie

      That’s a good idea. I like your combined version of 1 and 2.

  84. Laura

    #2 and #3. Awesome!

  85. talyn


  86. Kim F.
    Kim F.01-22-2014

    I’m torn between #3 and #1. I love how hilarious #3 is, but I think #1, being a little shorter, might be better for a quick glance. They’re all great, though!

  87. Storee


  88. Patti


  89. Carly

    I like the cleverness of #3, but I think #2 hits it on the head.

  90. Emma


  91. LeAnn


  92. Melinda

    Ooh this is hard! I like #1 and #3!

  93. Steph

    #2! Strong and simple action message

  94. Denise

    Love number 3 and would definitely buy these myself to paste around uni! However number 2 may be best for your intended use. Great work team!

  95. Eliza


  96. Dana Richards
    Dana Richards01-22-2014

    #1 and #3 are my favorite!

  97. Erica

    I like #1 the best.

  98. Jenna


  99. Fab

    When I read #1, i loved it, but then came #3 and made me love it more. So: #3. Just because it’s more sticky.

  100. Chiara


  101. Michaela

    They’re all great but i like #3

  102. L

    #1 is great!

    I feel like #2 is misleading, because editing also ‘adds’ things, and not all of what is seen in media is ‘unreal’ as most images begin with a ‘real’ human body and then are edited (as opposed to fabricating a body with a computer program without actually using a human model).

    #3 is too confusing for younger persons and persons who are not native english speakers.

  103. Sarah

    1 and 3 are awesome!!

  104. Melanie

    Definitely #3!!

  105. Alexandria

    #1 and #2. Slogans are better as quick quips – short and sweet. #1 and #2 accomplish that beautifully, no pun intended. P.s. the sticky notes I ordered just came in. I can’t wait to go cover the world with them :)

  106. Alexandria

    After reading a few of the other comments, I agree with those who suggested swapping out the taglines of 1 and 2, so the new options would be:

    “This image has been altered to SELL unreal ideals. Don’t BUY the lies” (thus completing the buy/sell parallel)

    “This image has been altered to remove what is real. We prefer reality.” (Fake = the problem, reality is the solution)

    Keep up the good work, ladies!

  107. sally

    #3 is more clever, but #2 includes the “don’t buy message” which is the point. So, I vote 2.

  108. Tegan


  109. Stephanie


  110. Mindy

    Numero uno! :) That is Spanish for one, in case you took French in high school. ;)

  111. Kalina

    Definitely #2!!!!! #2 has the most aggressive, easiest call to action – that also works with the #notbuyingit hastag

  112. Jess

    I love number 3 and number 1- I can not decide between the two!

  113. Katelyn

    I Really like #1 and #3, but if I had to pick, I think #1

  114. Courtney L.
    Courtney L.01-23-2014

    #1, it gets your point of view across the best. #2 and #3 seem too snarky to me.

  115. Dianne O
    Dianne O01-23-2014

    #2 followed closely by #3.

  116. Jessica Wight
    Jessica Wight01-23-2014

    I LOVE all of them, but #1 is my favorite! I want to place my order now! I live in Houston TX and it makes me sick to look at the magazines as I check out at the grocery store. My husband agrees and has agreed to help distribute!

  117. sam


  118. Zara Atkins
    Zara Atkins07-05-2014

    I really like the #3. I think it’s the stickiest slogan for sure.

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