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Stick it to the Man! Or to the Mirror.


You are capable of much more than looking hot. Your reflection does not define your worth. There is more to be than eye candy. You are Beauty Redefined! You are are worthy of love, happiness, success, admiration and confidence just as you are now. Cheesy? Yes. True? Also yes.

Maybe you already know all these things about yourself all the time — and if you do, EXCELLENT! But if you’re like most of us, you need a reminder. Probably a regular reminder.

That’s why our most popular fundraiser tool is sticky notes! We’ve sold pads of our original designs on sticky notes to people worldwide since 2011. They’ve stuck these uplifting notes everywhere you can think of to remind themselves and others that women are more than objects to be ogled, judged and fixed. From public advertisements and store magazine stands to public and private bathroom mirrors, we are SO happy these messages are making the rounds!

We want mirrors everywhere to carry these teeny tiny refreshing reminders of true statements like: You are capable of much more than looking hot. Or, You are Beauty Redefined! And when you believe these statements, it reflects in your healthy lifestyle choices, your attitude, your interactions with those around you, and your reflection in the mirror. Those “flaws and imperfections?” They’re beautiful, too. They make you YOU — a real, living, breathing human with a lifetime of experiences to back up every line, crease, spot, scar, freckle, etc. When we stop the negative thoughts, the degrading words about our bodies and our faces, we’re free to focus on much more productive things!

It’s time to redefine beauty to include more than what we see in the mirror, and then move away from that mirror to anything and everything more important. If these sticky notes disrupt negative thoughts for just a couple of seconds, or help remind just a handful of unsuspecting women that they’re beautiful — regardless of what they look like — then they’ve done their job! Hopefully a few of those women will visit our website for more resources on recognizing their own beauty and rejecting harmful ideals that fuel insecurity in the name of profit.

We need to train ourselves to like, respect, and appreciate our own reflections, rather than seeing ourselves as parts in need of enhancing, fixing or hiding. If you don’t already feel that way, we invite you to test out our strategies listed here and experience the incredible changes for yourself. If you do already know – on any level – that you are beautiful, please remember that! Maintain it! Pass it on! Tell us how you know it and how you remember it! Happiness, positivity and confidence are contagious.

To move forward in our mission to take back beauty for females everywhere through billboardsspeaking engagements, advocacy and activism, Beauty Redefined is in need of your help. We are raising funds by selling pads of sticky notes and posters with the designs featured on this page and our pro-woman billboard images, which can be seen and purchased here. We are officially a non-profit organization, or 501(c)(3), so all donations are tax-exempt and you can write off these purchases! Because of our desire to put up more billboards and speak to every group we possibly can while continuing our activism and info-sharing through this website, we’re hoping to spread our happy messages while earning some money to keep this work going.

Thank you SO MUCH to all of you who have donated or made a purchase already! You are Beauty Redefined!


  1. Michelle

    So it wasn’t such a crazy idea after all! This is great!

    • Beauty Redefined
      Beauty Redefined03-31-2011

      Not at all crazy! We’ve had this idea in the works for a while since finding Operation Beautiful and doing a guest post for them, but you gave me a great reminder on Sunday night with your question about how to distract women in the bathroom from their critical comments about themselves! I hope providing people with ready-made notes will do just that! THANK YOU Michelle!

  2. Emily Sue
    Emily Sue03-31-2011

    This is a great idea… although personally I’d rather have a post-it that says “you are valuable”. When I see the word “beauty” I still equate it with appearance, but even if I love my body (yeah, still working on that) I believe my value is about more than that. Just my 2c…

    • Beauty Redefined
      Beauty Redefined03-31-2011

      That’s exactly the idea we’re working to fix! Currently, “beauty” is being defined by profit-driven media ideals, but we’re redefining it to incorporate so much more – including the idea that “you are valuable” that you mentioned. By using “beauty” and “beautiful” (in everything we do!!), we are able to use a catchy, powerful term that people immediately respond to – but then we talk about it in an entirely new way. Beauty is at the forefront of so many women’s minds, so if we can get them to first think of themselves as beautiful, and then think of beauty as so much more than appearance ideals, serious change can happen. Hopefully that makes sense. Thank you for your comment and support!

  3. Leila Byrd
    Leila Byrd03-27-2013

    I love these ! I have on my mirror ” WARNInG : reflections in this mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of beauty ” I love it , it makes me smile and feel good every time I look in the mirror

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