It takes real-life strategies to recognize harmful ideals about beauty and health and then reject them.

See and download our printable 8.5"x11" brochure by clicking this image.

See and download our printable 8.5″x11″ brochure by clicking this image.

If you are a parent, youth group leader, teacher, coach, or anyone interested in leading a group of girls or women who are interested in learning about positive body image and health, we encourage you to check out our Beauty Redefined Leader Kit, complete with access to the Leader Guide that includes outlines for lesson plans and activities for any group and any number of meetings, as well as a bunch of great Beauty Redefined merchandise.

The founders and co-directors of Beauty Redefined, Lindsay Kite, Ph.D., and Lexie Kite, Ph.D., travel to offer their inspiring one-hour visual presentation across the U.S. For more information on booking them for your group, go here.

For an informational brochure on how body image affects girls and women, plus the ways Beauty Redefined is working to take back beauty, see or download it as a color PDF here

If you’re a girl or woman looking for practical strategies you can use yourself to promote positive body image, go to this list.

For strategies specifically for boys and men who want to support the girls and women in their lives, see this list

To  help you navigate all the research and topics covered on this website, we’ve organized our best posts into three basic categories:

Step 1 – Recognize

Step 2 – Redefine

Step 3 – Resist

We recommend starting with Step 1 and tackling each topic that may be relevant for you  or those you love all the way through Step 3.