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Beauty Redefined Speaking Tour!


See the full tour packet of information by clicking this image!

See the full tour packet of information by clicking this image!

We are excited to announce a speaking tour for Beauty Redefined for Spring 2014-’15!

We (Lindsay Kite and Lexie Kite, co-directors of bR) are open for booking large-scale speaking engagements across the U.S. for schools (middle schools through universities), treatment centers, professional associations, community organizations, and anyone else who would like to host us. We have been offering our compelling visual presentation across the U.S. since 2009, speaking to tens of thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds. Our research shows us the majority of girls and women feel negatively about their bodies and live in a state of self-objectification, where they constantly view themselves from an outsider’s perspective. This is manifested in poor health decisions, preoccupation with appearance, and feelings of anxiety. Our work at Beauty Redefined holds the key to breaking free from the harmful ideals that keep us from health, happiness, and feelings of empowerment. Through media literacy and health literacy, we teach audiences to critically question profit-driven ideals about bodies and resist them in their own lives to develop body image resilience. The transformation that can take place over the course of our one-hour presentation can be life-changing, and we are committed to getting our message out to as many people as we can.

We would love your help to book a spot on our tour near you! If you are interested in pitching the possibility of a Beauty Redefined speaking engagement to a group or individual in your community or school, please send them the link to this post, as well as the following information to tell them all they need to know about how and why to book a spot on our tour!

Read or download the PDF of our speaking engagement information packet here.

See the official announcement of this tour in PDF form (easy for e-mailing to contacts for hosting!) here.

To inquire about hosting us for your group, including available dates and speakers fees, please contact us.  bR Tour Logo (1)

Our visual presentation is entirely backed by up-to-date research on body image, media literacy, health and fitness, and resilience. Appropriate for all ages 10+, the visual and textual content is suited for school, religious, and professional settings. We do not use explicit images or specific numbers to represent sizes, weights or measurements of beauty or health ideals. We tailor each presentation for each audience, and the structure of the presentation can be modified depending on the setting. We regularly speak on panels, as keynote speakers for conferences, at school assemblies, and give formal and informal talks in a variety of settings for both genders and all ages. 

Topics Addressed in the Visual Presentation

Distorted Perceptions: Current State of Body Image Among Girls and Women

Media Influence: Quantity and Effects of Media in Our Lives

Driven to Extremes: The Influence of Body Shame on the Prevalence of Eating Disorders, Sedentary Lifestyles, Cosmetic Surgery, and Poor Health Choices

Controlling Ideals: Thinness (thin ideals across all genres), Beauty Whitewashed (white ideals), Forever Young (age bias and stereotypes)

Health Repackaged: The Role of Objectification and Self-Objectification in Health Perceptions and Pursuits

Healthy Redefined: How We Currently Measure “Health” in the U.S., How We Should Measure Health

Self-Objectification: How to Recognize It, Effects on Girls and Women

Normalized Pornography: How to Recognize It; Effects on Males, Females, & Relationships [Not included in every presentation]

Unreal Ideals: Examples of Photoshopping as an Industry Standard [An audience favorite]

Why Media Does What it Does: Advertising and Gender Bias

Physically Photoshopping Ourselves Out of Reality: What it Means, Effects

Resisting Body Shame and Harmful Ideals through Body Image Resilience: Using Pain for Progress

Using Four Types of Power to Increase Resilience and Resistance to Harmful Body Ideals: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Social Power

Recognizing and Cultivating Skills and Attributes for Body Image Resilience: Improve Body Image, Improve Healthy Habits, Influence Others for Good


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