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  • The Guys’ Guide to Seeing Women, Not Objects


      Most of our research and nonprofit efforts focus on teaching girls and women to take their power back in the face of an objectifying culture that values physical ideals above all else. This post is about the flipside of that same issue: How men and boys can take their …

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  • To the Mom Who Taught Me Everything: A Body Image Breakthrough


      The mother-daughter relationship can be either incredibly helpful or dangerously harmful to a daughter’s body image. We stress the message that we are all more powerful than we realize and our influences matter. When a mother, grandma, sister, friend, or teacher speaks negatively about …

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  • If You Must Think About Your Weight, Think These 10 Things


      Another day, another opportunity to think about how much space you, as a woman, take up. That’s how it feels when you can’t throw a fat-burning supplement without hitting a visual about the losing of the weight or the gaining of the weight, and …

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  • Body Shame on You


    “Shame on you!” Just the sound of that phrase feels awful, right? When someone says that phrase to you, it’s hard to ignore. But too many girls and women live in a constant state of shame that feels completely normal today — what scholars call …

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  • If Beauty Hurts

    If Beauty Hurts, We’re Doing it Wrong


      The pursuit of “beauty” causes an enormous amount of hurt today. Whether that’s the emotional and pyschological burden of feeling inadequate and disgusted with your appearance or the physical pain of starvation, cosmetic surgery, hair removal, purging or countless other acts of “beauty work,” …

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  • Cellulite, Rimples and Dimples: A Beautiful Reality Check


      It’s everywhere in real life and absolutely nowhere in TV, movies or magazines. It’s unrelated to health, yet constantly depicted as a sure sign of lazy slobbiness. Large or small, the vast majority of women have it, but it gets depicted as shocking headline …

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  • Clothes At Beach Thinspo

    Why “Fitspiration” Isn’t so Inspirational


      If you are on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram, you have seen fitness inspiration images just in time for “the holidays” or “bikini season” or your “big day” to motivate you to “get fit” – we call them “fitspiration.” They are almost always images of …

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  • Vogue

    Vogue Mom Shows Us How NOT to Fight Childhood Obesity


      The teaser on the cover for what’s being called the “worst Vogue article of all time” is unbelievably misleading: “A Mom Fights Childhood Obesity at Home.” The truth is, if the article’s author, Dara-Lynn Weiss, mother of 7-year-old Bea, was genuinely trying to “fight …

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  • Exercise

    Healthy Redefined Part 2: Forget About Fat and Get Fit!


      Read Part 1 of this “Healthy  Redefined” Series HERE! In a world where health successes and failures are too often measured entirely by weight loss or weight gain, we have to seriously reconsider this idea. Fitness researchers prove it: “There is a need to increase knowledge …

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  • Strong 4 Life Anti Obesity Ads 537x387

    Healthy Redefined Part 1: Measuring the Obesity Crisis


      From unfortunate fat-shaming in Georgia’s “Strong4Life” campaign put on by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to kids being graded on their weight in public schools across the country via their BMI score on their report cards, we see well-meaning people using harmful and ineffective strategies …

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  • Swimsuit2012

    Sex Appeal and Thin Ideals: Are Men to Blame?


    We know body hatred, self-objectification, disordered eating and cosmetic surgery are at all-time highs. So who is to blame for all the serious body image issues so rampant among girls and women today? Money? Media? Sexism? Psychological factors? While it’s likely a complicated combination of …

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  • Beauty Redefined Lds Living Teaser Crop1

    To BE or To Be Looked At?


    You are capable of much more than looking hot. Have you thought about this statement? Do you understand the gravity of it? This phrase gave me goosebumps when I let it sink in. Women are always being looked at. And when we aren’t being looked at, …

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  • BeautyisPain

    If Beauty Hurts, We’re Doing it Wrong


    If you’ve ever read our work, there are a few things you know (and if not, here’s a quick lesson in all things Beauty Redefined!):  1. Rest assured every image you see of a women in media has been digitally manipulated, and the billions of images really …

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