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  • How I’m Winning the Body-After-Baby Battle


      By Lexie Kite, PhD My amazing baby girl, Logan, turned one this week. Having been fed a lifelong diet of how humiliating “bodies after babies” are and how important it is to “get your body back” after birth, I was not thrilled about living a life …

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  • When “You Look So Skinny!” Does More Harm Than Good


      By Lexie Kite, Ph.D.  (Originally posted in Feb. 2014) POP QUIZ: If you know a girl or woman who has lost weight but you don’t know how or why she did it, what do you do? A: Compliment, compliment, compliment! The more praise about …

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  • SI Aly Raisman Beauty Redefined

    Stop Cheering for the Objectification of More Women


      By Lindsay Kite, PhD, and Lexie Kite, PhD Simone Biles and Aly Raisman, Olympic gold medalist gymnasts and celebrated role models for young women, are featured in the upcoming 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. This is nothing to cheer about. This is not progress for …

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  • Are Body Positivity and Fitness Compatible?


    If you want to improve your body image, but you have trouble prioritizing regular exercise … join the club! Lexie and I (BR co-directors) decided this week to renew our dedication to fitness. Not the “getting a bikini body” or “get your body back” kind of fitness, but …

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  • From Body Anxiety to Body Image Activism: Our Story


      We are Lexie and Lindsay Kite, PhD, identical twins and co-directors of Beauty Redefined, a nonprofit working to help girls and women improve their body image and self-worth as they wade through harmful cultural ideals. We want to tell you about our (very twin-like) …

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  • Empowering or Objectifying: The Clashing Camps of Body Positivity


      By Lindsay Kite, PhD Because our culture teaches that women’s bodies and faces determine our worth, and that only certain rare bodies and faces are worthy of anything good, people who want empowerment for women are stuck in two conflicting groups.  The first group is …

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  • Really Want to Feel Better About Your Body? Here’s Your 5-Step Game Plan


      Developing positive body image — or feeling positively about your body, regardless of what it looks like at the moment — is key to health, happiness, progress and empowerment. When you’re feeling especially self-conscious, it’s hard to focus on much else or make healthy choices for yourself. …

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  • Fitness Mags Header Beauty Redefined

    Your Body is Powerful. Use it as an Instrument, Not an Ornament.


      Our research points to one particularly awesome way to experience real empowerment, decrease self-consciousness, and embrace your body as your own – not as a decoration for everyone else to gawk at. It is through the power of your body. … But not the …

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  • Running from Self-Objectification


        When we grow up surrounded by appearance-obsessed media’s “Weigh Less, Smile More!!” and “Perfect Your Parts, Perfect Your Life!!” headlines plastered everywhere, those messages rake in billions and get us nowhere closer to real health and happiness.  Instead, these messages become so normal — …

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  • Shedding for the Wedding? Shed the Lies Instead!


      Every bride is reminded her wedding day is all about her. But instead of focusing on the happy relationship, major industries keep women focused on one new aspect of being a bride: becoming as small as possible for the big day.   I, Lexie, got …

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  • Thinness, Happiness and the Illusion of Control: Let Your Heart Break


    By Geneen Roth (Originally published here.) When you accept that hurting and healing are part of living, you can give up the fantasy that being thin controls your happiness. His name was David, and I was crazy in love with him. The way his shiny dark hair curled …

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  • Modest is Hottest? The Revealing Truth


        Women and girls are more than just bodies. But you wouldn’t know that if you looked to media, or even sometimes well-meaning religious* rhetoric, for the truth about females. And you wouldn’t know that if you listened to the way so many of …

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  • Why Breast Implants Are Not “For You”


      “I did it so I could feel better about my body. I did it so I could feel more like a woman. I did it so my clothes would fit better. I did it for ME.” This is the text of a current TV commercial for breast …

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  • Dove Doesn’t Redefine Beauty, It Reinforces It


      One of the things we hate most in this world is when companies try to commodify self-esteem to sell products to girls and women. And this time it’s hitting really close to home. Dove just debuted their latest viral video at Sundance named “Selfie,” …

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  • Where Do You Draw the Line? In Beauty, What Enhances and What Oppresses?


      One of the most important and popular issues Lexie and I write and speak about is the idea of “physically Photoshopping ourselves out of reality” by changing our appearances to fit profit-driven beauty ideals. Because of this unique aspect of our work, we get …

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