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  • How I’m Winning the Body-After-Baby Battle


      By Lexie Kite, PhD My amazing baby girl, Logan, turned one this week. Having been fed a lifelong diet of how humiliating “bodies after babies” are and how important it is to “get your body back” after birth, I was not thrilled about living a life …

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  • SI Aly Raisman Beauty Redefined

    Stop Cheering for the Objectification of More Women


      By Lindsay Kite, PhD, and Lexie Kite, PhD Simone Biles and Aly Raisman, Olympic gold medalist gymnasts and celebrated role models for young women, are featured in the upcoming 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. This is nothing to cheer about. This is not progress for …

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  • Your Body is Not a Before or an After


      “Before and after” body transformation photos used to be relegated to late-night infomercials or old magazine fad diet ads, but now you can’t click on IG or FB without seeing the dramatic comparison pics from your old friend selling those shakes and skinny wraps or those fitness buffs …

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  • From Body Anxiety to Body Image Activism: Our Story


      We are Lexie and Lindsay Kite, PhD, identical twins and co-directors of Beauty Redefined, a nonprofit working to help girls and women improve their body image and self-worth as they wade through harmful cultural ideals. We want to tell you about our (very twin-like) …

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  • This Post is About Volleyball Shorts.


    Here’s a fun game: 1. Google Image search your local school’s men’s volleyball team. 2. Now Google Image search the women’s volleyball team. 3. Now ask yourself why the guys are drowning in all that extra fabric!? We’re concerned about the men here. All that extra shorts baggage has got …

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  • Female Objectification: Who’s Really to Blame


    Women are constantly being dehumanized and reduced to objects to be groped, harassed, catcalled and evaluated — and some men feel comfortable doing all of those things and then boasting about it, or deny it by mocking the appearance of the women as unworthy of …

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  • Invisible Women Over 40: Anti-Aging and Symbolic Annihilation


      If you lived on another planet and everything you knew about humans came from mainstream media, you’d be absolutely shocked to find out a couple of facts: 1) Female humans do not die or crawl into caves to disappear at age 40 while male humans …

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  • Our 3 Issues with the Swimsuit Issue: Sports, Sexualization and Side-Effects


    Since the debut of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is being celebrated on the Today Show and the Tonight Show and everywhere in between, we have to counter that excitement with a reality check about this supposed sports magazine’s serious blow to female equality, self-esteem and body …

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  • Lessons from Porn: Women are Objects to be Used, Abused and Dismissed


    We are unapologetically anti-porn. It may be one of the most profitable and powerful industries in the world, and one that is embraced by otherwise like-minded people as an acceptable personal choice, but we are not afraid to state that pornography is one of the worst …

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  • 9 Reasons to Ignore Every Mascara Ad Ever and Embrace Your Own Eyelashes


      When we see this mascara ad (one of HUNDREDS just like it in any media directed at women), we have a few thoughts: 1. Natural extension-free, insert-free eyelashes on women are unbelievably rare in all media today, and it has exerted some serious pressure …

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  • Really Want to Feel Better About Your Body? Here’s Your 5-Step Game Plan


      Developing positive body image — or feeling positively about your body, regardless of what it looks like at the moment — is key to health, happiness, progress and empowerment. When you’re feeling especially self-conscious, it’s hard to focus on much else or make healthy choices for yourself. …

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  • Dying for A Tan


    Two years ago, Beauty Redefined published a popular post arguing that the soaring increase in the number of young women with skin cancer is a beauty issue above all else. It has to do with young, light-skinned women believing tanned skin is equivalent to looking …

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  • Starving and Stifled: Women are Counting Calories Instead of Changing the World


      By Vanessa Garcia (Originally published Sept. 5, 2014 in the Washington Post)  I was lying in bed in my New York City apartment when the world went black. My breathing had gotten sluggish, and my heart felt like it was slowing down. I didn’t feel …

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  • Food, Fat and Fear: Recognizing an Eating Disorder and Recovering


      In the U.S., 20 million women and 10 million men suffer from a life-threatening eating disorder during their lives. Many of those millions will never seek help and will die from the disorder. The No. 1 contributor to the development of anorexia and bulimia …

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  • Selfies and Self-Objectification: A Not-So-Pretty Picture


    Selfies aren’t inherently evil. And taking 55 pictures of your own face at slightly different angles and with varying expressions is not fundamentally wrong. BUT (you knew that was coming) … when we put this female-driven phenomenon in the context of the culture in which …

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