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  • Really Want to Feel Better About Your Body? Here’s Your 5-Step Game Plan


      Developing positive body image — or feeling positively about your body, regardless of what it looks like at the moment — is key to health, happiness, progress and empowerment. When you’re feeling especially self-conscious, it’s hard to focus on much else or make healthy choices for yourself. …

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  • Dying for A Tan


    Two years ago, Beauty Redefined published a popular post arguing that the soaring increase in the number of young women with skin cancer is a beauty issue above all else. It has to do with young, light-skinned women believing tanned skin is equivalent to looking …

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  • Starving and Stifled: Women are Counting Calories Instead of Changing the World


      By Vanessa Garcia (Originally published Sept. 5, 2014 in the Washington Post)  I was lying in bed in my New York City apartment when the world went black. My breathing had gotten sluggish, and my heart felt like it was slowing down. I didn’t feel …

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  • Food, Fat and Fear: Recognizing an Eating Disorder and Recovering


      In the U.S., 20 million women and 10 million men suffer from a life-threatening eating disorder during their lives. Many of those millions will never seek help and will die from the disorder. The No. 1 contributor to the development of anorexia and bulimia …

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  • Selfies and Self-Objectification: A Not-So-Pretty Picture


    Selfies aren’t inherently evil. And taking 55 pictures of your own face at slightly different angles and with varying expressions is not fundamentally wrong. BUT (you knew that was coming) … when we put this female-driven phenomenon in the context of the culture in which …

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  • Photoshopping: Altering Images and Our Minds


      Photoshopping, digital alteration, image manipulation, blah blah blah. Everyone talks about the fact that so many images of women are “perfected” with the help of technology, but we can’t just toss it aside as a non-issue everyone already knows about. Whether or not a …

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  • Mind the (Thigh) Gap


    Ever heard the phrase “Mind the gap?” It’s a warning to train passengers to take caution while crossing the gap between the train door and the station platform that began in London. Today, it’s time to use that phrase as a warning of a different …

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  • Loving Your Body 101: The 3 Questions of Positive Body Image


    The comments section of anything body image-related proves there is LOTS of confusion around the idea of “loving your body.” Some jump to the panicky conclusion that promoting positive body image is promoting obesity — like we’re telling people to forfeit positive health choices in …

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  • VF 2012 Full Cover

    Vanity Fair-Skinned Only? The Race Issue in the “Hollywood Issue”


    I guess the last few years of backlash weren’t enough to convince Vanity Fair to stop whitewashing beauty out of its pages. Here’s a refresher: the “Fresh Faces of 2010” featured a lineup of nine beautiful young stars, all of whom had one noticeable attribute in common: they were …

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  • So Much for Your “Body Peace Treaty,” Huh Seventeen?


      If you needed any more ammunition to fuel your boycott of Seventeen magazine and your fight for media literacy for all, let this month’s cover be the final blow. The magazine features “Pretty Little Liars” actress Troian Bellisario, whose cover story highlights her struggle with …

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  • Victoria’s Secret War on Women. Nothing Sexy About It.


    One of the things we at Beauty Redefined hate most in this world–even more than Bratz dolls or people asking if we’ve seen the latest Dove video–is when companies try to commodify girl power or empowerment to sell sexist, objectifying baloney. One of the most …

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  • Where My Girls At? This Infographic Says It All.


      We are sending a big shout-out to the New York Film Academy for taking a closer look at women in film and what, if any, advancements women are making. In a study of how women are portrayed in the top 500 films of the last five …

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  • Pageants, Dance, Cheerleading, and Sexual Objectification: It’s Nothing to Cheer About.


    If you are female or care about anyone who is, here are a few fun facts we all need to know now: Sexual objectification takes place when girls and women are viewed primarily as objects to be used and looked at.   Environments where women …

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  • Weight, Size and Media Lies: The Numbers Don’t Add Up


      We’ve all been duped. After years of TV watching, magazine reading, advertising exposure and media dominating our worlds, too many of us have internalized sneaky media lies that normal, average and regular, healthy women all maintain a weight of about 100-125 and wear between a …

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  • Body Wraps Work! To Promote Body Anxiety and Unreal Ideals, But Not Real Health or Weight Loss


      Instead of uniting with women as more than bodies to be looked at, fixed, and judged, why are so many of us preying on each others’ insecurities by selling objectifying, unrealistic ideals to our social media contacts? Friends, we need to be more kind and compassionate …

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