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Body Wraps Work! To Promote Body Anxiety and Unreal Ideals, But Not Real Health or Weight Loss



546376_10150858970402604_1219941864_nInstead of uniting with women as more than bodies to be looked at, fixed, and judged, why are so many of us preying on each others’ insecurities by selling objectifying, unrealistic ideals to our social media contacts? Friends, we need to be more kind and compassionate to each other. Today, unattainable, degrading beauty ideals are flooding social media from women in multi-level marketing companies selling beauty and diet products to their loved ones online. We are committed to revealing harmful media ideals, and the marketing of  “skinny wraps” is an especially dangerous trend because these messages infiltrate our social networking feeds, teaching us about our so-called “flaws” through our own peers.

If you are selling body wraps, skin contouring creams, and fat-burning pills so you can “eat what you want!” or hosting “wrap parties” and persuading social media connections to magically melt away inches, please, PLEASE consider the influence you may be having.

  • Please consider the vast number of girls and women fighting or recovering from all types of debilitating disordered eating who are very likely some of your FB friends, blog followers, Instagram or Twitter followers in the long list you invited to check out your slimming products. 


  • Please consider the girls and women genuinely looking to improve their health (not just the appearance of “health” for 72 hours) and instead spending hard-earned money on products you push that will not decrease their likelihood of getting diabetes, heart disease, or any other chronic disease related to lifestyle. 
  • Please consider the girls and women who have been raised to believe their worth lies in the appearance of their body — especially in the thinness, firmness and dimple-free-ness of their bodies — and that many of those women’s bodies look just like the undesirable “before” photos you’re promoting all over their feeds.
  • Please consider the objectification of women that you are selling to your audiences, whether they ask for it or not. Pictures of women in underwear without heads or faces reinforces the false ideal that women are bodies to be looked at, fixed, and judged at all times.
  • Please consider the shame you may be inciting in girls and women (and men) who are being told from every angle that their bodies are flawed and in need of fixing in order to be happy, loved, and successful. Shame is a dangerous motivator to buy “quick fixes” and a terrible de-motivator away from healthy eating and physical activity. 

Host a PartyTo the girls and women being constantly exposed to these promotions and invited to these “parties,” please consider your influence as well:

  • Please consider declining these invitations, not “liking” or commenting on these seemingly miraculous before/after photos featuring headless women’s body parts, and skipping these events.
  • Please consider unfollowing or  unsubscribing to people or pages, blocking ads from that company, and actually clicking “not attending” on these event invitations, rather than silently ignoring them. 
  • Please consider speaking up about why you will not be attending, why the false claims and objectifying language/images promote unhealthy body shame, and why no scientific or medically sound evidence has ever been shown to back up those health, weight-loss, lasting, skin-tightening, cellulite-reducing claims. 
  • Please consider your children, family members, students, neighbors, peers and others who look up to you and may be watching, many of whom are in need of a positive example of body confidence and positive health choices that include proper nutrition and physical activity, rather than expensive reliance on new tricks for looking hot and sexy.
  • Please help remind every girl and woman you know – regardless of whether or not they buy or sell “skinny wraps” – that they are capable of much more than being looked at, and that when they really believe that, they can get on to everything else that is happy and important in their lives. 

We’ve got a new challenge for you instead. It won’t cost you a dime, it won’t prey on your insecurities, and the happy, healthy benefits will last more than 72 hours! Pick just one of these challenges to get you back in the mindset of health, power, and happiness and change your whole outlook on life. There’s a good chance it’ll remind you that your body is a gift that can do great things outside of just being looked at, judged, and fixed. Which will you choose?

swimmer white backgroundSet a true fitness goal: If you’ve held yourself back from running, biking, swimming, etc., because you felt self-conscious about what to wear, how red your face gets from the workout, sweating in public, (the list goes on), it’s time to set a goal and fight to achieve itMake this goal about your abilities and you’ll be much less inclined to care about what you look like doing it. Run a certain distance without stopping. Swim 10 laps faster than ever before. Do a certain number of crunches, push-ups, pull-ups, new dance moves – any fitness achievement measured in actions and not numbers on a scale, measuring tape or clothing tag. Research shows many women are do not exercise because they “feel too fat” to get out and move. Let’s break through that shame and move, live, and be happy.

Forget your number: If you tend to fixate on your weight, measurements or clothing sizes, pledging to leave those numbers behind is your key to freedom!  Make a goal to stop or limit the number  of times you weigh or measure yourself.  It turns out that when we fixate on arbitrary numbers, that often gets in the way of our health Start judging your health through your activity level by setting a fitness goal (see No. 1) instead of a meaningless number, and you’ll get somewhere great!

Stop negative self-talk: Too many girls and women have a constant script of mean thoughts about themselves running through their minds. Recent studies show us that girls who don’t like their bodies become more sedentary over time and pay less attention to having a healthy diet. If you think you’re gross and worthless, why would you take care of yourself? Set a goal to stop saying negative things about yourself. Start with a day, a week, whatever you can, and make it a permanent practice!

mediafastThink nice thoughts instead: On the flipside of the last study, research has found that girls who respect their bodies are more likely to be physically active and eat healthy. They are less likely to gain unnecessary weight and they make healthy lifestyle choices way into the future.  Since what we THINK about our bodies has a strong connection to how we TREAT our bodies, set a goal to shut out negative thoughts as they come and replace them with positive truths!

Go on a media fast: Choose a day, a week, a month or longer to steer clear of as much media as you can, including social media like Facebook and Instagram, which have been shown to reduce self-esteem in women. That way, you can see how your life is different without all those messages and images, and when you return to viewing and reading popular media, you will be more sensitive to the messages that hurt you and those that are unrealistic.

Need more help developing body image resilience that can help you overcome your self-consciousness and be more powerful than ever before? Learn how to recognize harmful ideals, redefine beauty and health, and resist what holds you back from happiness, health, and real empowerment with the Beauty Redefined Body Image Program for girls and women 14+. It is an online, anonymous therapeutic tool that can change your life, designed by Lexie & Lindsay Kite, with PhDs in body image and media.


  1. Kellie

    Thank you so much for bringing this to light. I am a Holistic Health Coach and I am really tired of hearing these claims, when eating whole, real food is what creates lasting health. Health is not a number or a size. I recovered from anorexia and bulimia and yes, these claims are preying on the insecurities of women. Thank you for your bravery in sharing this!

    • Beauty Redefined
      Beauty Redefined06-27-2013

      Thank you, Kellie! You are awesome. I’m so happy you were able to recover from your eating disorders and use your pain as a springboard to help other people to better health. Thanks for your support and for sharing better understandings of health in this world of profit-driven messages trying to convince us otherwise!

      • Kellie

        Thank you. I am glad I can be an encouragement. And after reading some of these comments, I just wanted to throw in something else. I, struggled with hating my stomach and loose skin for YEARS. I was super obsessed with my stomach. I almost got a tummy tuck and didn’t because of reasons outside of my control. Since then, I have totally turned my mindset around, after finding my passion in life, and focusing on OTHERS (as a health coach). Besides losing some of the bloat from going gluten free, my loose skin is still there… I know that no amount of exercise will make it go away, and yet… I am finally so at peace with my body, that I have NO. DESIRE.AT.ALL to even try a wrap. Because I know, that if I do, that peace will just go spiraling downhill again. Even if it does miraculously cause my loose skin to leave my body forever, I am sure that I will find something else wrong with myself and go back to being just as unhappy. So, instead, I choose to ACCEPT, my loose skin and stretch marks, eat as healthy as possible, exercise out of enjoyment (and not to look a certain way) and focus on other people. Just wanted to write this because, even though I can totally understand why someone would want to try a wrap, just know that it is possible to learn to love yourself no matter what.

  2. Ash

    Are you serious?? The whole point in the company is to promote HEALTH, WELLNESS, AND EXERCISE!! You do not achieve the results if you don’t eat healthy, drink water, and exercise! This is to motivate everyone to live a healthy lifestyle! I am appalled with this post. Do some research before you talk trash.

    • Beauty Redefined
      Beauty Redefined06-26-2013

      Ash, we understand that we have made independent distributors like yourself very angry with our statements, and we understand that when you profit from something, it can be scary to see it deconstructed. But for the many BR fans who have emailed us about what to do about the barrage of Fbook wrap events they’re being invited to, we decided to speak up. We simply suggested people consider their influence here. We love all women, and that’s why we point out harmful, hurtful messages in our culture that are sometimes cloaked in empowering messages. Objectifying before/after images, pictures of cake with the phrase “Now you can eat whatever you want,” and selling the constant need to “fix” feminine signs of life like stretch marks, cellulite, skin, fat, aging faces, etc., can be very harmful. They keep us fixated on women as bodies alone. If you used these products and liked them, great! Good for you. We’re glad you feel better. But there are many ways to feel better, and they don’t have to include buying into every new flaw we are taught we have at every turn.

      • Christy

        Self worth is a huge issue for us humans and many believe it is our greatest work to accept and love ourselves as we are.
        This is a great article looking at how some people can perceive that this ItWorks! business preys on the insecurity of women. I can really see how this comes across and grateful that I have a different approach as a distributor who has been focusing on supporting my clients through massage therapy, Reiki, BodyTalk and a variety of other wellness offerings.
        I really see where you are coming from in writing this article. Thank you for speaking to this.
        This is an informative article warning people about unrealistic ideals and advertisements that feed anxiety. I want to share this because my experience of these wraps is different.
        Perhaps I have naturally translated what they offer into something that is supporting my life and health in a balanced way that encourages wellness. I like how the wraps FEEL when they are on my body. I don’t encourage measuring woman before and after. I invite women to feel the wrap working. I love the nourishment of the herbs and the cleansing properties they embody. I am all about the herbs…and yes I grow them in my garden and use herbs every day in that way too.
        Our team that I am working with is all about self love and self acceptance. We are putting these products out into the world to help the continuation of wellness.
        These wraps awaken the areas of stagnancy in the body that have laid dormant and are needing attention. With the pace of many people’s lives, many women, especially mothers, rarely sit down in the day to do something for themselves and these wraps are like a spa session in your own home. An opportunity to sit or lay down and breathe. This focus on an area of the body that is needing attention, care and extra circulation, including areas of chronic pain and stagnancy, supports wellness and an opportunity to do something for oneself which is an act of self love.
        What is held there in those areas that need attention? What part of our spirit is nourished when we stop……and just be with our bodies?
        I really understand and appreciate this article. I want to be involved in business that supports thriving wellness. My perspective of offering these wraps and products into the world is anchored in wellness, self love, self acceptance and honouring of the bodies of women…as they are. These wraps are another way to nurture ourselves, like a healing bath with oils or a mud mask. An invitation of time to just be. I find the wraps for chronic pain a whole other benefit that you are not discussing here.
        “I find that when we really love and accept and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, then everything in life works.” ~ Louise L. Hay

      • Kathy

        Sounds like some pretty good salesman have posted their “feelings” on these things in order to make some more money. Hopefully no one is deceived by the whole “wrap” gig–It’s crap. Whether it “promotes” healthy living, wellness, exercise, etc. it doesn’t cure the problem. The only thing that will is acting by exercising, eating healthy & maintaining a healthy calorie intake, watching fluid intake, getting enough sleep, getting a wonderful breakfast, etc. I have a degree in nutrition and like to somewhat think I know a little bit about helping someone live a healthy life or feel more well than a wrap around a fat area you don’t want there that will just come back in a matter of days or weeks after the wrap is gone. Let’s be honest here… we live in a world that everyone wants a solution to their problems NOW… WRAPS IS ONE OF THESE ONLY TRYING TO DO THE JOB–the effects simply will not ask. Have plenty of cousins, aunts, etc. in the business and they’re all deceived and on the bandwagon trying to deceive others for me money…what a sad gig. WRAPS ARE CRAP

    • Suzie

      I’m a customer of the “wrap” and i’ve been completely happy! I was never told I’d be skinny in a day, and that this would be an enchancement to my already made decision to a healthy journey. So, with clean eating/real food, exercising, this product and it’s supplements I’m feeling better and looking better. Alot of people purchase health supplements, vitamins, etc. all the time, so why knock the wraps and their other products? Especially if you haven’t tried them.

  3. Jess

    Before you go writing an article off of something that you know nothing about maybe you should do your research… I understand that this is your opinion and everyone has one, but think about the people out there that have made this a LIFESTYLE change. As a company we believe anything you do is a lifestyle change and without exercise and nutritional foods you can only get so far. Wraps are a cosmetic item. It helps to improve the look of your skin.. That is something that exercise can not do alone. If you want to say these are bad then maybe you need to write an article on how drinking shakes everyday is not good for you and how getting lipo and undergoing surgery is not good for you. Like I said people are entitled to their opinion, and this is mine.. Think about all the sides and give people a chance to create their own!

    • Beauty Redefined
      Beauty Redefined06-27-2013

      Jess, I can assure you we did plenty of research before ever writing this post. What our research shows is that these wraps are marketed as being “as close to magic as it gets” and can allow you to lose 6-15 inches in 45 minutes, along with images like the one posted here and soooo many more. These are tactics that incite and prey on women’s insecurity about their bodies and are spread widely throughout social media so anyone and everyone can see, which is why we made this post specifically about what influence the wrap advertising has on people. That is wonderful that you agree these wraps are a cosmetic item that can improve the “look” of the skin, but they are not generally advertised that way. They are advertised as a quick fix for stretchmarks, sagging skin and extra inches, and what any amount of research will show you is that absolutely nothing — wraps included — cures or removes cellulite. The most a wrap is shown to do is moisturize the skin. Any “tightening” effects are temporary, lasting only 1-3 days at max. We never said wraps are bad, but we did say the way they are marketed is harmful and promotes body anxiety, which leads to unhealthy lifestyle choices. It also happens to lead to spending lots of money on products that claim to fix all your flaws to “makeover your life” and cure your problems, which is why so many distributors of this product are upset about this post. If you’d like to check out more of our work on cosmetic surgery, photoshopping and countless other products and services that perpetuate harmful beauty ideals that keep women focused on the way their bodies look above all else, please take a quick moment to look at any of the links in this post or our previous posts. This is what we do every day.

  4. Danielle

    I had posted on a girls wall about the Body wraps and someone had posted this webpage underneath my comment and this is what I have to say… I’m really sorry that you came across poor marketing or possibly didn’t understand the product. The ultimate applicator is a SKIN CARE product. It uses only natural, botanical ingredients to tighten, tone and firm the skin. We do have supplements that are geared towards weight loss but this product’s geared towards making your skin look better for example AFTER losing weight when you’re left with loose skin. This is NOT a miracle product nor am I selling it as that. It is there to help a person achieve the goals they are trying to reach for themselves. You need to be healthy, eat right, and work out if the person wants to get into better shape. Our products are only here to help reach those goals not make you instantly skinny. I use the wraps and I may not have lost any inches BUT my stretch marks from 2 pregnancies are gone because of the wraps. I do not have self image issues even though I am over weight, but my stretch marks bothered ME personally and I wanted to get rid of them for myself and because of this product it has happened. I liked what it did for ME so I sell them to help others reach goals that THEY want.

    • Beauty Redefined
      Beauty Redefined06-27-2013

      Danielle, thanks for your comment. I’m really sorry we came across poor marketing about the wraps too — and I’m sorry that it is absolutely everywhere, especially in social media or a quick Google search for body wraps. What you’ve explained about the wraps is a much more realistic and healthy way to advertise them, so we thank you for that! Unfortunately, that is not the way many of the main distributors advertise this product. They absolutely advertise it as a way to make you “instantly skinny.” We are all for services and products that help people feel better and encourage them to make healthier lifestyle choices, which is why we help women to think outside the box of being fixated on what their bodies look like and fixing “flaws” like loose skin or stretchmarks from having babies or losing weight or just living a regular life. What all research shows is that body wraps can help moisturize the skin, but the “lasting results” advertised by these companies for “toning and tightening” the skin — if that happens at all — lasts 1-3 days max. A wrap cannot change the cellular structure of the skin or the fat underneath, which is why the cellulite removing/tightening/firming/tonight/stretchmark reducing claims are so harmful, especially to girls and women who have been taught to believe their worth lies in the appearance of their bodies.

      • Grackle

        I am impressed with your ability to continue writing articulate responses to the dumb defenses of these gimmicky wrap things.

  5. jc

    This post is really kind of funny because you have obviously not been to or heard of or seen all the results or amazingly good things these wraps have done for so many women like myself. After we have kids, workout, eat healthy and do everything we can think of to get our prebabybody back and we still have that horrible flab of jello skin on our stomach, and then just give up because it will never go away, and then gain ten pounds back and feel too embarrassed to go to the gym because of all those “fit, skinny people” what better way to give you a lasting boost to get you back in the gym and not feel like a failure! Skinny wraps advertise big and you can get big results. They don’t promise anything but results. And when you use them correctly with good nutrition and working out and general overall Wellness all it creates for so many women and men is the confidence they need to suceed to their fitness goals. And can’t we all use a confidence boost?!? I have never had confidence in my life but these have sure made that happen for me!!! Maybe you should not hit the “not attending” button and actually see all the nutritional things the it works company has to offer!

    • Beauty Redefined
      Beauty Redefined06-27-2013

      This comment is kind of funny because you have obviously not heard or seen all the amazing results that come from believing you are more than just a body to be looked at. Women who believe their worth lies in what their bodies look like (and their lack of worth comes from that “horrible flab of jello skin” on their stomachs) are the same women who “give up because it will never go away” and are “too embarrassed to go to the gym.” We teach women to see themselves as powerful, capable people who deserve to make positive health choices for their own good, regardless of what they look like to the other people at the gym, and regardless of whether or not those positive health choices give them rock-hard, toned, stretchmark-free bodies. We can all use a confidence boost in this world that teaches us we are objects to be looked at, judged, picked apart and fixed, which is why we do the work we do at Beauty Redefined and why we wrote this post.

      • jc

        I understand the whole reason you are writing these posts and blogs. But if you are trying to make women feel better about themselves, bashing on things that help a lot of people feel a lot better and give them the boost they need and not just about the way they look, is not the way to do it. Beauty really comes from the inside out but some do not feel like they cannot truly show it if they don’t feel comfortable in there own skin. Big or small toned or flabby, who cares what you look like!! It is how you feel and if you can tighten that “flabby jello skin” why not do it? It is not about what other people think at all! It is how you feel yourself. All I am saying is if you feel a little more confident with tightening up your skin with this skin care product and feel a lot healthier overall with using greens and promoting to drink more water etc. then do it. I have never felt better and when you do you want to share it with people you care about. We are just all trying to create possitive happiness. Inside and out!

      • Beauty Redefined
        Beauty Redefined06-27-2013

        JC, do you understand how everything you are saying helps women feel better is STILL about what they look like on the outside? The way to truly feel better about yourself is never to buy expensive products that claim to fix your appearance-related flaws, especially when those claims are untrue. A wrap cannot remove or shrink fat cells or skin cells. It can very temporarily give the appearance of tightening those cells, but that goes away within 1-3 days. What is most interesting about the backlash to this post is that every person defending these wraps is a person who profits financially from them.

      • sndsfnny

        Thank you BR. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

        I did notice that at no point did your post advise against using / purchasing wraps. The backlash I’m reading is mostly defensive and hyper-vigilant.

        Sales reps need to back off. Why would the mere suggestion, of a marketing technique which contains less body shame, be perceived as a direct personal threat?

      • SilverRain

        Because gaining “confidence” by looking better is misplaced confidence. Like a drug, it feels good for a little while, but then leaves you craving more, all at the financial benefit of those who don’t mind profiting off of others’ insecurities.

      • Amber

        beauty redefined for the win. :)

  6. Jess

    There is no where on the website saying that you can and will lose inches, we are not aloud to claim anything about weight loss or inch loss through the compan so where ever you had seen that then that person is not following correct procedure, but it does not say that on the website anywhere!

    • Beauty Redefined
      Beauty Redefined06-27-2013

      Jessica, that’s completely untrue. The home page of the site shows a woman with a tape measurer around her waist and the tag line for all body contouring products is “the tape measure doesn’t lie,” which clearly claims inches lost.

  7. Amanda

    You really should research a company before you bash it. LOL Because if you don’t you look like a total fool to those who have.

    • Beauty Redefined
      Beauty Redefined06-27-2013

      Hey Amanda, check out our responses to the other comments from wrap distributors. Sincerely, A Total Fool

  8. Carlee

    Oh twins Kite, I love your spunk and sass ;) Keep up the good work ladies!!

    • Beauty Redefined
      Beauty Redefined06-27-2013

      Thank you Carlee! Sometimes a little sass is required! Glad you can appreciate it. Haha.

  9. Jess

    It states no where saying you could lose 6-15 inches so maybe you shouldnt CLAIM that the website says that… All I have to say is everything you post on here is your OPINION not facts, you aren’t the FDA you are not a DOCTOR so just remember that you aren’t 100% right about everything you state in your blogs and I hope people realize that you are just another normal human on the computer bashing things that YOU PERSONALLY don’t believe in.. And guess what? I bet you have never tried it or tried half the things you blog about to say they “really” don’t work!

    • Beauty Redefined
      Beauty Redefined06-27-2013

      Jess, you’re right. I am not the FDA. But I do know that the FDA will not legally allow these companies to claim that wraps will cause you to lose inches or weight, but individual distributors break those rules constantly, and the companies go to great lengths to mislead people into thinking wraps will cause you to lose inches, fat, cellulite and stretchmarks — all of which is scientifically impossible through a body wrap. I don’t need to try a wrap to know that.
      Sincerely, Dr. Lindsay Kite, Ph.D.
      (I realize that signature line is so snarky, but I do have a doctorate, so when people say “you are not a DOCTOR,” I am compelled to add my credentials.)

      • Lauren

        You rock!

      • ReNee McDonald
        ReNee McDonald06-28-2013

        You guys do rock with a side of sass!!! Keep up the awesome work!! You say so much better what I think and feel!!

      • Amy

        LOVE IT Dr. Lindsay! THANK YOU! These responses are VERY revealing. I’m a health coach and decided as I build my business I would avoid promoting any product or service that profits from body shame. I don’t care how popular a product is, if it’s not supporting true health and wellness I will not be promoting it (I’ve been approached about the wraps plenty).

        Your articles and posts have been so helpful in bringing to light the marketing tactics that capitalize on body shame. I feel a healthy body image is one of the most important elements of health…because how we ‘see’ ourselves largely determines what we do to care for ourselves. What if we all started to care more about how we ‘see’ than how we ‘look’?

        THANK YOU Beauty Redefined for your diligence in providing facts and careful observations…I will definitely be promoting your work as an AWESOME resource to support true health!

      • Mandy

        You ladies are SO AWESOME! I am loving reading your responses to the haters. It’s fantastic, and I’m 100% behind you!

  10. jc

    I don’t benefit at all financially from the it works company. I do use them and share them but only because I feel so much better mentally and physically from their products. Mostly their greens but I love all of the things I have tried so far. Just defending the company with my own personal opinions. Thanks!

    • Beauty Redefined
      Beauty Redefined06-27-2013

      Thanks for clarifying that. Please note that we never mentioned anything about greens, supplements or exercise plans — only “skinny wraps” and the claims about what they can do to a woman’s body. It sounds like you use and share them based on realistic expectations, so that is great!

  11. Kristen

    Thank you for this article!!! I was really surprised by the comments – so many women so upset to have this idea of perfection in under an hour taken away from them. I LOVE my soft round tummy, complete with stretch marks and imperfections. I think I’m beautiful. I also LOVE and adore my lovers body, complete with her cellulite dimples in her thighs. I have told her before that I would be very sad if she decided to do something crazy and unhealthy in the name of “looking better” when I think she is perfect. She too has told me that she loves my body just the way it is. We are both very healthy and spend time exercising and eating fairly healthy. We also don’t allow our bodies to stop us for fully living in every moment. Again, thank you for this article. Unless we as women step up and speak up against the absolutely disgusting social norms for beauty, nothing will ever change. Stop degrading yourself in the name of “looking better”!

  12. Julie

    I can certainly grasp the message you are intending to send here. It seems that everywhere one turns there is something/someone/media etc portraying the message that value/worth is directly related to appearance/size. First and foremost, as of this very moment I have NOT profited, received compensation for or been otherwise rewarded from any wrap company or any fat fighting company. However for the last 2 years I have been diligently working to heal my body and improve my health. For 40+ years now I have been overweight, not because I eat too much or exercise to little but from numerous factors, one of which started from childhood sexual abuse. 4 years ago I was diagnosed with a terminal illness and was given 3 months to live. Obviously I am still here, yet I am still not where I would like to be healthwise. It has ZERO to do with my body image, or how much I weigh, but the effects it has on my health and on my life. After choosing to cut out all sugar, wheat, breads, dairy etc and eat only wholesome foods, and get in as much activity as my body allows. I greatly improved my health, however the scale had NOT budged. Being an intelligent woman I realize that optimal health also includes losing weight, or at least being at a lesser weight for my height and frame that doesn’t mean I don’t find value in myself, and in fact I find lots of value in myself and that is why I want to do what is best for me and my health. After seeking medical intervention I was told that even after strictly juicing/smoothies my body was unable to release the weight because my cells (fat) were full of toxins, that in which my body was holding onto. I have spent many months researching safe and natural ways to detox fat cells, to very little avail. I am not doing this because I have a poor self image of myself, I am not doing this so others will find value in me cause I look differently, I am doing this to prolong my life and improve my health. Ironically I have used this time as a teaching tool for my daughter to explain to her that for years and years I abused my body by not eating good wholesome foods, by starving myself ( unknowingly) due to the emotional things I had experienced, by not taking care of myself. There are a lot of things that can impact ones self image and it isn’t always about weight or appearance. So since I am a mother of a very beautiful young lady who just so happens to of been born with a skin condition I have worked very diligently at sending the message that her worth is NOT about her appearance. But in fact the message that I share with her is about LOVE, about Loving herself and loving others. Loving herself still includes taking the appropriate steps to take care of her body, proper nutrition, proper exercise and proper hydration, proper sleep etc. I believe we are not here to judge anyone, not for their choices nor their experiences or challenges they make or have created for themselves. If ALL would strip away the flesh for a day and truly “see” NONE of this other stuff would even matter. I imagine a world where ALL of us actually embrace the fact that we are ALL different, unique and special. Regardless of what our actions and experiences are. If we all stopped using everything OUTSIDE of ourselves to determine someones value, be it status, money, appearance or fame, imagine the world we would live in. You know what gives me VALUE, the fact that I am a survivor of sexual abuse, incest, rape, domestic violence and I used every one of those experiences to IMPROVE my life. Oh and just so you know, last week I had the opportunity to “get wrapped” and to my surprise I had very great results. The scale didn’t budge a lb, my value in myself didn’t budge, but rid my fat cells of toxins IT DID! And though I was NOT told my results would last, today is day 7 and things are only continuing to improve. It’s very likely I will be signing up!

    • Beauty Redefined
      Beauty Redefined06-27-2013

      Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts, Julie. You’ve certainly been through a lot! I’m glad you’ve harnessed those resilient qualities to lead a happy, healthy life! Honest question here: How does one measure the detoxification of cells? What does it mean to you that “things are only continuing to improve?”

      • Amy

        This might be an interesting subject to study! There is some evidence that fat cells store toxins at a higher rate…it seems this would be a healthier marketing approach (if it’s true). Celluar detoxification connected to weight release seems to be one of those popular conversations in the ‘wellness’ industry. I also wonder how it is, or can be, truly measured. One thing I DO know is that a temporary wrap without healthy exercise and dietary changes will be just that…temporary.

      • Julie

        Thank you for your response BR, You asked, how does one measure the detoxification of cells, I personally go to a clinic here and have that tested.
        @ Amy, I couldn’t agree more, for ME, this is in addition to eating right and exercising and other things. I am not looking at this to be a quick or temporary fix for anything.

    • Rhonwyyn

      ” Being an intelligent woman I realize that optimal health also includes losing weight, or at least being at a lesser weight for my height and frame ”

      Were you truly an intelligent woman, you would realize that weight is not a measure of health. You can be healthy an any size. In fact, recent research has shown that 95% of diets fail within five years and that most dieters regain more weight than they lost. The yoyo-dieting cycle is harder on your body than maintaining whatever weight you were to begin with. So if you really want optimal health, ignore the numbers on the scale and focus on healthy behaviors instead.

      • Julie

        ” Being an intelligent woman, I realize that optimal health also includes losing weight, or at least being at a lesser weight for my height and frame” ( This was MY personal statement, Weight is NOT a measure of health, yet FOR ME it is a part of my health factor), you see currently I weigh 272 lbs, so yes losing SOME weight is not only a process towards optimal health it may even be critical, it’s NOT about the number on the scale, but it is about the extra strain it puts on my joints, my heart, my lungs and other organs. If I can improve on the effect that has on my body without losing a pound I would totally be okay with that too. I am not on a yo-yo diet, I am creating a new lifestyle, I am creating HEALTH. If I don’t lose release weight by doing everything I can to live a healthier lifestyle, by eating better, getting the right amount of sleep, staying hydrated, and exercising, ridding my body of toxins, clearing the emotional barriers, limiting processed foods etc) I am perfectly okay with that. I am not lazy, but sometimes doing some things physically challenges me, sometimes simple things challenge me. So when it tires me to do some things with my children, or it is painful to go up and down stairs, or when it is physically challenging to get down on the floor or get back up after playing with my children, I KNOW there is something that gets to change. I love my body, every dimple, stretch mark and scar. I love that it has supported me through every transition in life, childhood, motherhood and now my more mature years. My point of my message was, this is MY personal journey, and just because I may choose to use the wraps or their products doesn’t give anyone the right to “judge” or determine WHY I may choose to use these products. It’s not that I feel that I am not sexy, I AM, it’s not that I am trying to achieve “perfection” I am already perfect, it’s not that I have low self worth, I don’t, it’s not that I am trying to erase that I gave birth to 4 children, I’m not, It’s not that I worry about what other think of me, I DON’T. I totally get that some women are simply using them because of low self worth issues or appearance/weight issues, but not all crayons fit in the box. So let’s find a way we can achieve the results of building these women up, and not tearing them down because of their choices. Beauty is BEAUTY and it doesn’t have to look a certain way. Maybe there is more than one kind of beautiful. Just because one is “thin” doesn’t mean they have high self worth, and just because one is larger doesn’t mean they don’t. We don’t know the reason why each person chooses what they choose, and until we know for sure we continue to send the same message. In my opinion if we want to change the cultural mindset we get to stop trying to make all the crayons fit in one box, some are just meant to stand out. :) So let’s embrace each and every woman for whatever choices they make for whatever reason, and Love them, not judge them. We are ALL perfect exactly how we are in each and every moment, regardless of what we are choosing to do, regardless of our own personal thoughts and beliefs, regardless of what beauty products we choose to use or not use, regardless of how we choose to dress or not dress. You get the point. Thank you all for your responses to my post. Oh and to answer the question Beauty redefined asked above “how are things continuing to improve”, Means to me that for the past few weeks I have been able to spend 6 hours hiking with my children ( haven’t had that kind of energy in a long time) I have been sleeping better, I am drinking more water, I am learning more and more about better food choices for MY body, I am overall experiencing less and less pain. That is how things are improving. Here’s a great article if it’s Okay to post a link, if not moderator simply remove it.

      • Kellie

        I just wanted to jump in and be an encouragement to you about the fact that you are feeling so much better from taking care of yourself with a healthy diet, etc. Great job!

  13. Heather Godfrey
    Heather Godfrey06-27-2013

    Thanks so much Kite sisters! You know you’ve made it when others are fighting against you. Try not to get too upset, you’re trying to change a cultural mindset that makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

    I can attest though to only having these wraps marketed to me as weight loss and losing inches on your waist. No one on my social media feeds have said anything about skin tightening.

    P.S.- on the “It Works” website, Step 9 is to “measure your inch loss.”

    Just know your messages are going somewhere. Thanks for all you’re doing!

  14. Jenna

    You know I’m a huge supporter of yours already. I’ll just add that it doesn’t matter how “natural” a product is or how it’s scientifically proven to work if it’s encouraging cosmetic change. And these wraps do just that. The point of getting the wrap is to shrink what cannot be shrunk — stretched-out, loose skin from bearing children. Even some of the women above posted how they’d done everything they could do to get healthy but the “flab” still remained. Well, ladies … if you’re at the peak of your health and you still have imperfections, I think it’s time to embrace them! Your body has evolved to a state of advanced adulthood — congratulations! There is nothing to be ashamed of.

  15. Calico cat
    Calico cat06-27-2013

    It is so interesting to see the response to this topic! It just goes to show how many layers upon layers of ingrained thinking in our culture that have to be stripped away before you see how ridiculous our focus on women’s appearances are. We were created to do so much more than worry about flabby post baby stomachs. how can we move on to lift the world, make it a better place, reach our potential and help others along the way when we can’t even stop worrying about our cellulite? take the time and energy you would put into buying/selling wraps and go really make a difference in someone else’s life rather than focusing them back to their body/appearance. This is just another manifestation of body obsession that is not worthy of our time and energy! THANK YOU BR for your empowering messages, don’t back down we are counting on you to open people’s eyes.

  16. Emilee

    “The M’lis Professional Contour Wrap may be used in two ways: for inch loss, or for detoxification and lymphatic cleansing” (

    “With the Suddenly Slender, the all natural Mineral Body Wrap you will:
    Look 10-30 inches slimmer in about 60 minutes, GUARANTEED!”


    “We GUARANTEE that you will look 10-30 inches slimmer after just one body wrap.”


    I just thought I’d Google this, since I’d never heard of a wrap before. (I thought we were discussing the food, and I was wondering what was wrong with tortillas…) Anyway, I pasted what I found in the first few sites, since those are what I would look at as a consumer.

    I don’t know….I don’t want to criticize, but I have a ten year old sister who was worried about being fat since she was eight. To me, she isn’t, but that isn’t the point. This worry prevents her from having the carefree childhood that I had. The relationship between size and health has been taken too far. I wish we could effectively communicate the point that both weight extremes are dangerous, but even those don’t make women ugly. In my opinion, being healthy frees us to grow and develop into cabable, contributing individuals who can lift others in the world around us out of bigger problems than love handles. All of us want to look our best, I’m sure. But what could we do with the time we use trying to obtain the elusive Photoshop ideal? To me, our actions define our beauty.

    • sndsfnny

      “what was wrong with tortillas…” *sporfle* 8)

  17. Marie

    The babies love the soft belly. Mine have always rebelled against the harder fit bellies among my family, always opting for the soft mommy belly. My husband says it’s comforting to touch, though it’s certainly not the ripped abs so many mommies seem to want. And while I understand wanting to tuck up that flap of skin when you’ve lost weight, I also think a dose of realism is necessary, and understanding that the pre-mommy belly is simply not going to be the same as post-mommy belly… and why should it be? It had life growing inside of it! And life nestled in against it.

  18. Alyssa

    This post was amazing, ladies. I’m 21 and have recovered from eating disorders the past three years, and am very aware of the (often negative) influence from weight-loss or image-ideal products that are promoted under the pretense of “heath”. Having personally spent years fighting the pressure of “perfection”, it saddens me to hear that companies can abuse an insecurity of women as a way to buy their product. I’m not sure why we believe that our skin has to be tighter, firmer, and detoxed for us to be healthier. (In fact, if we are respecting our bodies through healthy living-do our systems need the additional ‘detox process’ we put them through?)
    I am really surprised to hear such negative feedback on a valid concern. Wow! So thank you so much for continuing to bring fresh life and perspective on the negative messages we’ve accepted. SO appreciate the passion to view women as human beings, not as bodies. Thank you for this!

  19. Missee

    Thank you so much for your post! This may be long but it does relate to your article I promise.

    I have to be honest that after reading it I felt some sadness. I have been invited to a lot of these wrap parties like most other women. I used to have the body of my dreams and most of what I valued about myself was my looks. When I got pregnant I was young and dumb and had no idea that my body would change the way it did. Though I would never trade my daughter because she is the most amazing thing in my world, I’m now very different. I’m covered in stretch marks from my knees to my chest, I’m heavier, and I have extra skin on my stomach that no matter how much I tone up or exercise my stomach will always look deflated. For someone who thought her worth lied only in her appearance, I was disgusted with myself. After my body changed, my husband had several affairs and we ended up divorced. I thought he did it because I got fat. For years I felt worthless.

    When I started following you guys on Facebook I honestly saw myself differently. I didn’t suddenly think I had worth but after everything I read from you two I could look at myself in the mirror and see a woman that deserved more than the abuse I gave her. I’ve slowly started to change the way I talked about myself out loud and in my own head. I use nice words and say positive things and I care more about myself now. I have begun living healthier. I eat better, I run four times a week. I have lost some weight but I haven’t weighed myself because that isn’t the point… I want to feel good.

    So I said that this was related, it is. I had a friend (who wouldn’t-you-know-it sells the wraps) tell me how amazing these are. That they tighten your skin (so my stomach may not look so deflated!), and help you lose inches. I got my hopes up thinking that maybe after my hard work exercising I’ll be able to get myself to the size I feel comfortable in and then these wraps just dangled the possibility of me maybe not getting the “dream body” back, but fixing up this one that , well now that I think of it just isn’t quite good enough. It wasn’t even surgery!! It wasn’t THAT expensive, right?! So when I am finally coming close to being okay with myself, these wraps and their lies snuck in and gave me this idea that they could fix all those “problems”. I’m crying because I thought for once there was an answer that wasn’t so unattainable and drastic as surgery, which I don’t want.

    Thank you so much girls. I really needed this before I spent my hard earned money on something and had to see my results go away. It would have been a lot harder to take that way. Good job, keep it up <3

  20. Denise Tree
    Denise Tree06-28-2013

    This blog has really hit a nerve! You must be doing something right. Thank you for your persistence and courage in responding positively and factually to the many (often almost aggressive) rebuttals of what you’ve posted. It seems that too many women still believe that improving their self-confidence and increasing their well being can only be achieved by changing their physical appearance. On the surface, it happens and can be a positive thing, but it doesn’t address the underlying issue of believing that we are defined and valued primarily by what we look like. It will be a great day when a woman is judged and valued by who she is, how she lives her life, what she achieves; not by her appearance. Keep up the great work you’re doing Beauty Redefined, it is making a difference.

  21. Janelle

    This fad will fall the way of MonaVie and Herbalife in a year or so. The market is so oversaturated with this wrap nonsense and THEN who will look like a fool? I feel bad for the sellers, who get duped twice: you think you need’ the product and someone else makes money off of you selling them. Body-love is a real thing! Don’t bash it til you look it up! :)

  22. crystal headley
    crystal headley06-28-2013

    hi im crystal and iam a (IT WORKS) distributor and I for one can say everything is very untrue on this page, at one point I was 280 pounds and im 4’9 nothing worked for me and one day on fb I saw add for the wraps to make a long story short I tried it and fell in love for one this product is in Hollywood and all major salons in Europe an also her all the celebrities use our products and before the hit the red carpet they wrap which is fabulous but anywho lol I tried the product an jus fell in love cause after my 2nd c section it was so hard to get that fat off I had post pardon cardiomyopathy an I felt myself going down hill till I started wrapping and believe me I did my research and I ordered one and signed up to the loyal customer program and and then after my 1st box I had to let everyone know cause im a hairstylist and this was just perfect for my clients while im doing their hair you know so I signed up and I been a distributor ever since but I for one can say there are a lot of imitaters out there but if IT WORKS GLOBAL wasn’t and didn’t do what it says it wouldn’t be fortune 500 companies and we would not be at every awards wrapping all the stars like I said there are a lot and I mean a lot of imitaters out there but feel free to check us out before judging do your research

    • SilverRain

      Oh, sweetie….If you measure the legitimacy of a business by its success, you have a world of hurt ahead of you.

  23. Keighty

    First of all, Emilee is my hero (“I was wondering what was wrong with tortillas”). Her response was absolutely amazing.

    Second, I’ve been in recovery from an eating disorder, I’ve worked professionally with individuals also battling eating disorders, and I have become obnoxious with pointing out how objectifying the media is and the damages of rape culture that reduces women to tools of sexual entitlement. Even with my experience and my knowledge, though, it is a daily struggle to be okay with the body I have after having babies. I’m a runner, I eat vegan whole foods, and my blood pressure is so low that sometimes, they won’t even let me donate blood. Yet there’s the extra skin. There’s the little pooch that hasn’t magically disappeared six weeks after my baby was born. If it’s just me, I can acknowledge the little whispers residual from my eating disorder that tell me that because I don’t fit into a cookie cutter mold of what beautiful is, I’m worthless– and then I can tell those whispers to suck it. I’m healthy, I’m brilliant, I’m fun, and I’m a kick-a mom. Those are all way more important than a little extra fluff in my middle.

    The thing is, though, these advertisements tell the whispers that they’re right. Regardless of what the motivation is (if they are truly interested in people getting healthy, or if they’re only out to just make a buck), the tactic utilized to gain a customer base is disgraceful. The claim to reduce inches is purely catered toward only how the body looks, as research has shown that the impact weight has on health is related to the lifestyle behaviors that result in carrying extra weight, rather than the extra weight itself contributing to chronic disease. I could get all the liposuction money can buy, but if I’m still eating twelve cheeseburgers a day, I’m probably going to get heart disease. And I hate the argument that the wraps are designed only to make the skin look better– better than what? What it looks like now? Why are you deciding that my skin needs to look better? Even on my crappy body image days, I still love my racing stripes.

    Regardless of what the product is, or what it does/claims to do, stop shaming women into buying it on the basis that they aren’t enough. Stop promoting the idea that buying something is going to make someone feel better. You know what would make me feel better? Not hearing from every advertisement and marketing ploy that I’m not enough. When those messages come from my head, it’s considered a disorder. When it comes from some MLM or any other company out there, it’s considered expected and acceptable– what a ridiculous disconnect.

  24. Sarah

    This conversation is SO interesting. I am a mom of a toddler, pregnant with baby #2, who finally decided to get help with my eating disorder (which flared up this pregnancy—yes, sadly, that can happen! But that’s another topic entirely). As part of my recovery, I’m trying to be super sensitive to the way media presents women and the way ads targeted at them work. What you see is both disturbing and even oddly amusing because the claims made can be so, so irrational.

    What jumps out at me is the image you used from Skinny Wraps. The “before” mom looks miserable and sad, completely oblivious to the smiling little child of hers. Notice that the child is completely gone in the supposedly desirable “after” image, but the mom looks fantastic, which is the real end goal women should be after anyway, right? Women, after all, were made solely to be looked at, not to be great moms or have amazing careers or be happy or do anything like that. Silly me.

    That before mom shows how I have felt for the past few years—so caught up in the fact that my body isn’t a Victoria Secret model’s body to fully pay attention to the miraculous little daughter I already have. Do you think the little boy in the picture cares one bit about his mom’s flabby tummy? Or that my daughter cares about my own extra fluff here and there? NO! That boy in the picture is thrilled to be at the pool with his mommy and wants her to jump in the water and laugh and play with him. But as a mom who has struggled severely with body image, I know I have kept myself from playing at the pool with my daughter as well as doing tons of other things that every mom, regardless of shape, size, or weight, should be able to enjoy doing with her sweet kids.

    So, Skinny Wraps, you’ve done a lovely job of showing us the real problem here: when we’re caught up in our one body woes, we’re often not able to truly care for and enjoy our children or the other loved ones around us. Thanks for highlighting that for me and reminding me why I’m fighting so hard to beat this eating disorder—and for reminding me that using your product would only worsen my problems rather than make anything actually better.

  25. Julie

    Thank you for addressing this issue along with all the other harmful and debilitating messages we receive daily. My body is not what it was after having kids. But you know what? It is amazing. It’s a miracle. It created and grew two children from the smallest of cells. And now this body which has worked so hard is considered ugly and a far reach from skinny by many. But they are missing the point if what a body is for. My “fat cells” hold my children close when they fall or when they sleep. These cells that helped in the creation of two small children are not something to be seen as a flaw. Do I want to be healthy? Yes. Do I exercise and eat right? I try. But ultimately my self confidence comes from loving myself and the choices I have made regardless of the way I look. Research show that this is not a long lasting nor healthy way to lose weight. Perhaps those wraps shrink brain cells instead? ;)

  26. Chelsea

    I was personally invited to two different “wrap parties” today. I know I was targeted by “friends” because I recently had a baby.My first response was, you think I need to change my body? Then I started thinking I don’t want to change it. Why should my body look exactly like it did before I had a kid? I’m not the same person and my body is a physical reminder of that change. I don’t view this as a negative thing at all. Evolution is a part of life and learning to accept an evolving body instead of trying to preserve it is going to make you happier. BR hasn’t personally attacked anyone. They’ve asked us to be a little more aware of the unintentional, and sometimes intentional messages we send. Thanks BR for being brave enough to go against the trendy grain.

    • closetpuritan

      “Why should my body look exactly like it did before I had a kid? I’m not the same person and my body is a physical reminder of that change. I don’t view this as a negative thing at all. Evolution is a part of life and learning to accept an evolving body instead of trying to preserve it is going to make you happier.”

  27. closetpuritan

    I don’t see how anyone can sell snake oil like “thin wraps” and sleep at night. Good challenge suggestions.

  28. Kristy

    The challenge I’m taking on will be the media fast. Thanks for reminding me about them! I’ve done one in the past and felt so much more productive. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you’re not glued to the tv or computer!

  29. Kitty

    Reading through some of these comments, I have to wonder if a lot of people actually understand what this post is about, what Beauty Redefined is about. It’s not against you becoming healthy, or feeling better about yourself. It’s about not allowing the media to decide FOR US how we feel about ourselves. You say these products work and they make women feel better about themselves, that’s great. However, I don’t think it’s great that the way these products are being marketing; telling me I am unattractive, and should feel bad about myself because I look this way. If I don’t like the way I look, great, I will seek out these products and try to improve my body so I can feel better about myself.

    I don’t want to be told how to feel about myself, I should be able to choose how I feel about myself…not the media and advertisements that are posted everywhere.

  30. Stephanie

    I posted this on my FB this morning…was shocked to see that you blogged about this today:

    To my dear friends who sell Herbalife, It Works, and any other “health supplement” type thingy…I love you. I really, really do. That’s why we’re friends on FB. I will, however, admit that when I’m messaged multiple times in one week from multiple different people asking to try your different products, what I hear is, “Hey Steph. You’re a fat gal…you may like this product!” While I KNOW this is not your intention, and I know this is my own insecurities coming out, I’m asking that you please refrain from sending me anything of this type. I know you are only trying to grow your business, and having been in direct sales, I know how hard you work. But please, help me along in this journey…I get discouraged very easily, and I KNOW its not your intention, but I’ve received 5 requests in the past three days. I know I could probably use your product and lose a lot of weight quickly, but 1) I intend to do it with hard work and a right diet and 2) I can’t afford that stuff!! I love you. I’m happy its working for you!! I don’t want to hide you. I don’t want to defriend you, but I don’t want to feed my insecurities either. Thank you for your understanding.

    • Beauty Redefined
      Beauty Redefined08-13-2013

      Stephanie! That’s so perfect! Are you a fan of ours on Fbook? We’d LOVE if you wrote this comment on our post today. It’s great. It totally speaks to the ways these products, sold from friends, incite major insecurity and shame in a way that is different from conventional beauty advertising. Thanks for sharing!

      • Stephanie

        I am and I will :)

  31. Maria

    Thank you for this, ladies! These “skinny wraps” would not bug me so much if the marketing was not so darned body-negative. The fact that so many use cartoon ads should be a red flag that they’re using unrealistic expectations to sell their product, (along with photo close ups of people’s bellies. ) Again, please note, sellers of these products, I’m not saying what you’re selling is not real, I’m saying you’re using unrealistic expectations and women’s body insecurities to push a product…..for a company who will make more money than you from your sales.
    For example, I buy clothes (sometimes even new ones not from consignment or thrift) .but before I buy them you bet I consider the ethics of the company from which I buy, including things like how they pay their workers, where they make the clothes, and YEP how they market. Abercrombie will not get a dime from me as long as they keep headless males with abs on their bags and carry (overpriced, it must be said) tees with racist/sexist slogans. Victoria’s Secret has some way-cute undies but I hate how they use one kind of body (not even the woman, they use just her body) to market, and have moved to sexify teens and Tweens.
    Even so, I am affected by these ads, even if I never enter these stores…many thousands of times in a month, most likely.
    All this article states is CONSIDER. consider who you work for and how you are affecting EVERYONE. Don’t be a thoughtless part of the money machine.

  32. Alison

    I’m seeing a really surprising amount of misinformation in this article and in the comments being posted by Beauty Redefined. Nowhere do we claim the wraps will take off 6-15 inches in 45 minutes; in fact, we no longer claim inch loss at all. Nor do we claim that the wraps remove fat. Please go straight to the company’s website for information on the wraps and not distributor sites. We have very strict guidelines on the claims we can make, and unfortunately not all distributors follow those guidelines; when they’re caught making false claims they are deactivated. I also agree that many distributors have awful marketing tactics that are way out of line with the heart of the company, which is to promote HEALTH.

    I didn’t have a problem with my stretch marks. I had a problem with being uncomfortable in my clothes because things didn’t fit right. I was tired of looking 5 months pregnant. The wraps fixed that for me; I’m down two sizes. I do not tell women they’re fat, or that there’s anything wrong with their body. I tell them that hey, if they want to tone, firm, and tighten their skin, I know a product that will help them with that.

    And really, it comes down to women being comfortable in their own skin. If they’re not, no one should judge them for wanting to change things so that they *are* comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with stretch marks – and there’s nothing wrong for wanting to get rid of them. There’s nothing wrong with a body stretched by pregnancy – and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to firm it up. I don’t give a hoot what the media says about what a woman “should” look like. I completely agree that society’s views of women and beauty are pretty much ridiculous. It Works! never claims – because it doesn’t believe – that people need our wraps to be “more beautiful”. We want to help people be more HEALTHY. Google the wrap’s active ingredients and you’ll see how it fits into that goal. We’re about health and longevity, not about squeezing people into society’s mold.

    • Beauty Redefined
      Beauty Redefined08-14-2013

      Alison, we have not spread ANY misinformation about this company, and would surely fix it if we had. Everything we have written has been what we’ve found on the company’s home page when we posted this blog. I have no idea how you can say you don’t even claim inches lost when the home page’s leading photo is a woman’s bare stomach with a measuring tape wrapped around it with the phrase “this is as close to magic as it gets.”

      If you read this post, and I hope you do, you’ll see that what we’re asking is that distributors like yourself, PLEASE consider this influence you are having. If you use objectifying, shaming photos, it is harmful. When you pedal all of these cosmetic, beauty products in each of your It Works! categories, from anti-aging to weight loss to skin tightening and cellulite reduction and everything else, you are selling these unattainable ideals to a vulnerable population of girls and women who have grown up believing they are bodies to be looked at. Health is wonderful and necessary, and if you are one of the more responsible distributors promoting nutrition and physical activity, thank you so much! We so appreciate it and don’t doubt that you are doing that. We are simply asking that you consider your influence and help the wonderful girls and women in your life realize what they’re capable of, which is much more than looking hot.

      I hope It Works! does a much better job of deactivating distributors who make false claims and prey on female insecurity. In my latest search just now, the most popular wrap distributors on Facebook and Twitter are absolutely selling major inches lost, insane amounts of female objectification, and advertising for It Works! with extremely dangerous “thinspo” or “thinspiration” images straight from pro-anorexia websites. It’s fueling a fire for eating disorders, body hatred, and shame that is literally killing girls and women. If there was a way for us to flag harmful distributors who are not representing It Works! well, I’d gladly do it. Thanks for your comment!

  33. Gina

    I needed this today! I just found out that a friend who I adore referred to me as one of her “skinny friends” who would be attending a wrap party that happened last week. I did not and would not attend, but I ignored it and didn’t say much about it. I have been self conscious about my image,but I made up my mind a year ago to just love my body and my flabby arms and my stretched out tummy. This 39 yr old body has built and delivered 4 babies and done good and fun things! I do not want anyone to think that I’m trying for a falsely perfect image. Wraps may be great for skin care, but that’s not what came across to me or my friend in the invitation. I am sending her this article and I will be more vocal from now on about where I stand on these issues. I have a beautiful, amazing sister who suffers with anorexia. We are awesome because we exist, because we live and breathe and have the ability to love and be loved. Our size has nothing to do with that! Taking care of my body includes being kind to myself in every form! Thank you!

  34. Casey

    I agree that some wrap companies make extreme claims that are just not true however I love my body wraps! I don’t use the “it works wraps” and I’m not a distributor and to be honest I have always thought the it works wraps were strange as I do wraps for cellular detoxing and skin benefits and only wrapping one area of your body for detoxing just doesn’t make sense to me. I have traveled the world and experienced many different types of body wraps from Ayurveda to European Mineral rich bodywraps. I was just in Ireland and had a Voya Seaweed Organic wrap… Wow… my skin looked so much younger, clothes were looser and I felt great for days. I do agree that some wraps are promoted as a fat loss gimmick but the ones I do have never been promoted as that. I have been doing different types of bodywraps for 20 years, but have never believed in the health from the plastic wraps. I’m in my 50’s, have a body fat of 19% at 5,9 and eat good and exercise which has always been preached to me with every wrap I have gotten. I believe wraps along with other health things I do, have kept me focused on living a better lifestyle and I look much younger then my age.Anyways just had to chime in on this conversation as I totally understand where you are coming from but don’t think all bodywraps are as bad as you make them.

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