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Billboard Beauty Redefined: Our Final 4 Messages!



Our goal for raising enough $$$ for 10 billboards ($2,200) has been met! We are SO excited and so grateful to our many wonderful, generous, amazing supporters who have made this happen! After quickly raising this money, we met with an incredible graphic designer, Logan Sabbe, who is volunteering his time and mad skillz to make us look goooood. This weekend, with Logan’s expertise, we came up with a powerful design idea for each of the billboards – one cohesive format and image idea to represent four different messages. With the help of a talented photographer, Greg Shearer, who has also volunteered his skillz for this project, we will be bringing these ideas to life ASAP! Once we get the $ and the designs to Reagan Outdoor, the billboards will be up on SLC roadsides within 4 weeks of our submission!

By early July, Salt Lake City’s scenic roadside views will be complimented by UPLIFTING messages promoting healthy body image!

With your help, we’ve chosen our favorite and final four messages. They are…

1. You are capable of much more than being looked at.

2. There is more to be than eye candy.

3. Your reflection does not define your worth.

4.  When beauty hurts, we’re doing it wrong.

As far as the design work to make these messages really stand out against all their billboard competitors, we’re going to leave that for a big reveal here on the website once we’ve sent it all off to the printer! And we think you’ll like it!

As one final push for donations, we’d like to note that we have enough for 10 billboards, but we have 4 messages to promote. We (Lexie and Lindsay) will be contributing the cost of one more billboard, making 11. We would LOVE to have enough for 12 – making a nice even 3 billboards with each message. If you haven’t already donated or if you might know someone who would be interested in supporting this worthy cause, we would absolutely love your help to raise this last $220 for our final billboard. You can donate through PayPal using the button below, or e-mail us at to get a mailing address to send a check.

100% of all donations will go to funding billboards.

We will be recognizing our amazing supporters here on the website as soon as these billboards are underway. We are honestly overwhelmed with gratitude for the amazing support we’ve received financially and otherwise. We thank you and we love you!

For more background on this project, read on…

Beauty Redefined is ridiculously excited to announce that we are officially taking Beauty Redefined to the streets! After proving our non-profit status, we have been approved by Reagan Billboards to promote healthy body image as a public service announcement (PSA) on billboards all over our home base, here in Salt Lake City (the “vainest city in the nation”) and surrounding areas!

Since these are PSAs, we can put up as many as we have the money for! The normally exorbitant cost of a billboard has been cut down to the bare production costs – just $220 each board. We have received approval to use billboards anywhere from Logan to St. George, and we would love to represent those cities and others with your financial support!

Please consider donating to support this important effort through our PayPal account (using any major credit card) or by e-mailing us at to get our physical mailing address.

100% of donations will go to purchasing billboards. PSA billboards are put up for 4 weeks in areas that are available (not of our choosing), so that means we want to have as many signs as possible to attract attention to our positive message!

For more information on us, our campaign goals and how to help us spread the message, keep reading!
WHY we’re doing this:

All over the world, it’s rare to see an advertisement that does anything positive for female body image. But Beauty Redefined is all about the battle to take back “beauty,” and now we’re officially taking that battle to the streets!

We want to help redefine beauty on the roadside by renting several billboards here in our home base of Salt Lake City, which has unfortunately earned the title “Vainest in the Nation.” We will offer one simple uplifting message to promote healthy body image, inviting people to join the battle to redefine beauty for themselves with us at our website. But billboards are expensive, and we need your help! We have set up a PayPal account specifically for this cause, and are welcoming donations in any amount.

By offering one simple sentence telling women reminding women they are worth more than their appearance and offering our website as a resource for empowerment, we hope to offer a positive, uplifting message people will notice. We also hope our billboard will spark some discussion regarding this important cause, since body image and health issues related to harmful beauty ideals are in critical need of attention and awareness. For more information on Beauty Redefined, please see our About Us section and our Home Page, which includes links to several pages detailing our work to take back beauty for girls and women everywhere.

Please share this page far and wide and encourage others to join the battle to take back beauty! If you can’t donate but would still like to help, please share this link on your Facebook and Twitter pages, through e-mail or any other way you can think of! For more information, e-mail us at and find us on Facebook HERE.

  1. Kenzi

    Seriously, you gals are amazing! Thank you for doing this.

    • Beauty Redefined
      Beauty Redefined05-03-2011

      Thank you Kenzi! And you are very welcome. Hopefully we’ll get at least one where you can see it often!

  2. natalie

    You gals are so amazing. I am wishing I had a trip planned to Utah in the next month to see them. I am betting you will post pictures though! Hooray for a good, beautiful message.

  3. Melanie

    This is pretty amazing! I look forward to donating to such a great cause, seeing the billboards and being a part of something so great. But most of all — seeing women re-think their worth! Nice work on what must have been and is an incredible undertaking. This is an uphill battle, but one that should be fought.

  4. Jennifer Shewmaker
    Jennifer Shewmaker05-05-2011

    Love it!! Your slogans are awesome and I know these billboards are going to get attention and start some important conversations. You two are amazing!

    • Beauty Redefined
      Beauty Redefined05-06-2011

      Thank you so much, Jennifer! It’s so great to have a stamp of approval from such an impressive woman!

  5. Cameron

    Why don’t you make t-shirts out of those slogans and sell them online? Maybe you can advertise them on Facebook and get them popular enough that they are end up on the shelves competing with the SL,UT shirts. I’d be interested to see which message is chosen when the options are presented in such stark contrast. Also, don’t forget to make those shirts in guys sizes too. Girls need to know that a lot of guys think they have more worth than they attribute to themselves. Good luck!

    • Beauty Redefined
      Beauty Redefined09-19-2011

      LOVE your timing on this one, Cameron! I just submitted a big order for post-it notes and note cards with our billboard images/slogans that we’re going to sell on our website. I uploaded the images to an album on our facebook fan page at We’re starting with those items and then hopefully moving on to bumper stickers, bracelets and maybe even T-shirts! We hadn’t considered that as an option, but the shirt idea is a great one – especially considering the local competition! Thank you so much for your advice and support – you’re wonderful!

    • Amy

      Hey, I want to thank you Cameron. Men are often portrayed as the enemy- the pervert, the a-hole, if you will. Not many of the men I have known are like that at all. I feel fortunate that my husband is one of the supportive guys, and I have known many others that are. Anyway, thanks for helping keep my beliefs of that alive. ;)

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