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Beauty Redefined Billboards UNVEILED!


As of this week (July 25, 2011), the nation’s first non-profit body-positive billboards are being put up across northern Utah! We at Beauty Redefined are beyond excited for our 12 billboards to debut on roadsides here, and we are incredibly indebted to the almost 100 of you who have already donated to make this campaign happen! We LOVE you! And we hope these billboards will provide a reminder for people of all ages that women are worth more than the sum of their parts. Women are capable of much more than being looked at. There is more to be than eye candy. If beauty hurts, we’re doing it wrong. And your reflection does NOT define your worth. See these groundbreakingly positive messages on our bright, beautiful billboards that we are now happy to debut on our site! Without further ado …

(Featuring Lexie, co-founder of Beauty Redefined!)

(Featuring the beautiful Lindsay S.)

(Featuring the beautiful 9-year-old Olivia A.)

(Featuring Lindsay, co-founder of Beauty Redefined!)

You’ll notice there are no bodies on these billboards. We decided to take bodies completely out of the equation. For women, bodies tend to hog a lot of the attention not only in media but in our lives. We need to expand the conversation about women, about beauty, about health and about happiness AWAY from sizes, weights, shapes and looks. In a media landscape that regularly cuts women’s faces/heads/eyes completely out of images, we’re doing just the opposite! We’re making eye contact, asking for attention to the truthfulness of these messages — not the looks of the girls/women holding the signs.

Though millions of people will see these four billboards along Utah roads throughout the rest of the summer, we know these messages need to reach FAR beyond our home base. With your help spreading these images in any way possible (sharing on Facebook, Twitter, pinning on Pinterest, e-mailing to friends and family, blogging about it, reporting on it, etc.), many more people can receive (at the very least) a boost. A reminder of female worth. A conversation starter. A push to see themselves and value others as more than objects to be looked at.

To donate to this not-for-profit campaign and help us spread these messages to roadsides across the U.S., you can do that through this button!

We’ve already gotten some excellent news coverage of this new campaign! Here’s our live interview on Fox 13 Utah on Monday, July 25, for more information on what this project is all about.  

For our Utah and nearby friends, we would LOVE your help in snapping photos of these billboards throughout the month of August! We’ll compile them on our Facebook fan page and spread them like crazy. Since the signs are PSAs, they stay up for one month. And if you’re wondering where you can see one of these beautiful billboards for yourself, HERE are the exact locations:

Salt Lake City:  2755 E. 3300 South (North Side of Road)

South Salt Lake: I-15 at 2820 S. 460 West (West Side of Road)

3007 S. State Street (East Side of Road)

Murray:   I-15 at 4195 South (West Side of Road)I-15 at 5051 South (East Side of Road)

West Valley: 4219 W. 5415 South (South Side of Road)

Logan*: 1120 S. Main Street (East Side of Road)

Layton:  1600 N. Main Street (East Side of Road)

Ogden: 3385 S. Harrison Blvd. (West Side of Road)

Roy: 1822 W. Riverdale Rd. (North Side of Road)

Provo: 1520 N. State Street (East Side of Road)

750 S. University (East Side of Road)

This is only the beginning! With more support and donations, we hope to expand this campaign nationwide. 100% of all donations go toward funding billboards. All time and efforts have been donated by Beauty Redefined, Ripe Concepts (who designed our beautiful billboards at no cost!), and photographer Greg Shearer of Harvey Brand Imagery.

(*Our previously announced West Jordan location has been removed to accomodate a billboard in Logan. We will be sure to get West Jordan covered next time!)

For more information on how this campaign started and why we’re doing this, keep reading…

So … here in Salt Lake City, we have lots of billboards promoting breast enhancement, liposuction, eye lifts, laser hair removal … every “beauty enhancer” you can imagine paired with up-close images of idealized, digitally altered bodies at every turn. In fact, our home turf was very unfortunately named the “vainest city in the nation” by Forbes magazine. That sucks. So one day, with the help of an off-handed Facebook status complaining about the prevalent beauty billboards on I-15 and encouraging FB friends who offered to donate $ to support our purchase of a POSITIVE billboard for women, we decided to do it! 

After pitching the idea to Reagan Outdoor (major billboard company here), we were told nothing could happen unless we were a government-recognized non-profit. After lots of paperwork and wonderful support from our school, we gained non-profit status under the University of Utah (where we both work and obtained master’s degrees and soon PhDs). We described our idea in a website post, created a PayPal donate button and begged our readers and Facebook fans, and within about three weeks, we raised enough money for TWELVE (drastically discounted for PSAs) billboards!

Most of our donors are regular individuals who recognize that the status of women’s self-esteem and body image is in need of desperate help. And this is a great place to start. Below is a colorful and comprehensive list of those wonderful supporters (with sizes and placement randomly selected), topped by New Haven Residential Treatment Center (which graciously donated enough for two billboards) and Natalie Andrews-Wardel of The Bobby Pin, Inês Almeida of 7Wonderlicious and  MANY others.

For more information on the status of female body image and how we can all recognize and reject harmful messages about women’s bodies and worth, please follow these links:

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  1. Garrett

    Good Work! I’ll send a pic from Logan as soon as the billboard is up.

  2. Annalea

    Awesome. I hope this changes lives in a big way. I’ve just pinned my favorite . . . hopefully that will spread the word!

  3. Ashley

    Great site! I fully support your cause.

  4. Jill Will Run
    Jill Will Run08-01-2011

    This touches me so much! I almost wish I still lived in the SLC valley just so I could see them. (However, Las Vegas could certainly use more billboards of this nature as well!)

  5. Laurelle A.
    Laurelle A.08-02-2011

    I saw one of the billboards and looked it up! I love this idea and I hope it will make an impact

  6. Ashley

    You two are truly angels!! I love everything that you guys are doing for women. I want this campaign to go nationwide, and I’ll spread the news to everyone!

  7. Rachel

    I am sad that I missed that. I’ll have to check out your website more often so that I can be more involved. Thanks for all you’re doing!!

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