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  • Sticky Note Vote! Help Us Choose Our New Slogan


    UPDATE! After hundreds of votes were cast, it’s time to debut our newest sticky note! (Hint: It might be a combo of two sticky notes many of you suggested, you geniuses!) It’s time to plaster these truths on mirrors, windows, magazines, and ads. Love our …

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  • To Him I Was An Object: Sexual Assault and Body Image


    “To him I was an object.”  That’s how Elizabeth Smart — who was kidnapped at age 14 and raped daily for 9 months — describes her kidnapper’s perception of her. To view or treat someone as an object, or a compilation of parts to be …

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  • VF 2012 Full Cover

    Vanity Fair-Skinned Only? The Race Issue in the “Hollywood Issue”


    I guess the last few years of backlash weren’t enough to convince Vanity Fair to stop whitewashing beauty out of its pages. Here’s a refresher: the “Fresh Faces of 2010” featured a lineup of nine beautiful young stars, all of whom had one noticeable attribute in common: they were …

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  • BR Tour Logo 1

    Beauty Redefined Speaking Tour!


    We are excited to announce a speaking tour for Beauty Redefined for Spring 2014-’15! We (Lindsay Kite and Lexie Kite, co-directors of bR) are open for booking large-scale speaking engagements across the U.S. for schools (middle schools through universities), treatment centers, professional associations, community organizations, …

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  • So Much for Your “Body Peace Treaty,” Huh Seventeen?


      If you needed any more ammunition to fuel your boycott of Seventeen magazine and your fight for media literacy for all, let this month’s cover be the final blow. The magazine features “Pretty Little Liars” actress Troian Bellisario, whose cover story highlights her struggle with …

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  • Want a Healthier You? Ditch the Weight Loss Resolutions!


      How often do you come up with health goals that often have a lot to do with how you look and little to do with real health and happiness?  Profit-driven companies are busy bombarding us with slimy weight-loss slogans like Cheerios’ “More Grains, Less You” …

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  • Victoria’s Secret War on Women. Nothing Sexy About It.


    One of the things we at Beauty Redefined hate most in this world–even more than Bratz dolls or people asking if we’ve seen the latest Dove video–is when companies try to commodify girl power or empowerment to sell sexist, objectifying baloney. One of the most …

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  • Where My Girls At? This Infographic Says It All.


      We are sending a big shout-out to the New York Film Academy for taking a closer look at women in film and what, if any, advancements women are making. In a study of how women are portrayed in the top 500 films of the last five …

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  • Where Do You Draw the Line? In Beauty, What Enhances and What Oppresses?


      One of the most important and popular issues Lexie and I write and speak about is the idea of “physically Photoshopping ourselves out of reality” by changing our appearances to fit profit-driven beauty ideals. Because of this unique aspect of our work, we get …

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  • You Had a Baby? This is How You Get Your Body Back!


      If you haven’t seen an ad on how to “get your body back!” after giving birth or seen a “news” story on how some celebrity new mom “got her body back,” you have not LIVED! Seriously, it means you are probably not alive. You should get …

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  • Physically Photoshopping Ourselves Out of Reality


      When the digital world of female faces and bodies looks nothing like the natural world, is it any wonder that women have turned to physical alteration to meet the unreal standards? The possibility of achieving unnatural ideals through enhancements, procedures and products is a game-changer …

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  • Pageants, Dance, Cheerleading, and Sexual Objectification: It’s Nothing to Cheer About.


    If you are female or care about anyone who is, here are a few fun facts we all need to know now: Sexual objectification takes place when girls and women are viewed primarily as objects to be used and looked at.   Environments where women …

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  • Not Picture Perfect? Bounce Back from a Body Image Blow


      1 New Notification:  [Someone] added a photo of you. Oh wow. It’s not good. It’s so not good. Whatever the reason — bad angle, unflattering position, weird filter, googley eye, whatever. You HATE it. We’ve all experienced this one way or another. If not …

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  • The Guys’ Guide to Seeing Women, Not Objects


      Most of our research and nonprofit efforts center on teaching girls and women to take their power back in the face of a degrading and objectifying culture that values physical ideals above all else. This post is about the flipside of that same issue: How men …

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  • Taking Back Beauty: We’re Not Buying It Because We Own It!


     We came across some pretty tragic news on the newsstands today. Boys’ Life magazine, the official magazine of the Boy Scouts, sells little guys on a life of adventure and awesomeness. Their headlines: Take the Plunge High Adventure Awaits You True Stories of Scouts in …

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