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One of our new, true sticky notes!

So are you? That depends. Are you beautiful? Yep, more than you know. Do you see the need for society’s ideas of “beauty” to be redefined? I sure hope so. If you can answer yes to both these questions — or if you even just want to be able to answer yes, you are Beauty Redefined. I am Beauty Redefined, are you? 

Tall, short, thin, average, curvy, bodacious, straight, curly, poofy, tan, brown, red, blonde … Yep, all can qualify as Beauty Redefined. This rethinking of beauty might look a little different from the one-dimensional version of “beauty” we see in media and advertising, but that’s what makes it Beauty Redefined.  And you qualify! That is, if you OWN it. If you know in your heart and your mind that “beauty” is far greater than we’ve been led to believe by profit-driven industries that define it in the narrowest of terms. If you can embrace YOU,  “flaws” and all, even those eyebrows that “give you character” or those thighs you so lovingly refer to as “thunder” (which you’ve gotta quit, btw) — then you qualify to represent Beauty Redefined, because we believe in KEEPING IT REAL. No Photoshopping ourselves out of reality here – this is us grasping our beautiful realities in a way we do NOT get to see in media where Photoshop is an industry standard (need proof? See our Photoshop Phoniness “Hall of Shame” here)!

I, Lindsay Kite, am beauty redefined!

That isn’t to say we should give up on our appearances. Representing Beauty Redefined means regardless of what you look like, you are willing to love yourself and use that self-love as a catalyst for being the best possible YOU — in your health, relationships, body image, self-esteem, school, career and contributions to the world around you. Studies show that girls and women who feel OK about their bodies, regardless of what they look like, actually take better care of their bodies. They make healthier eating choices, engage in more physical activity and understand they are capable of much more than being looked at. On the other hand, females who hate their bodies and are crippled by self-consciousness are shown to live more sedentary lifestyles, make poor eating choices (often through deprivation or binge eating) and believe they have fewer options in their life paths. We need beauty to be redefined and we need YOU to help us represent it!

So here’s our call to you: Show us — literally — that you are Beauty Redefined. Write that phrase down, hold it up, take a photo of yourself and send it to us at! I, Lindsay Kite, will be the first to say it, as you can see from my photo above: I am Beauty Redefined! You can see dozens more in the gallery below! Do whatever you like in the photo — smile, straight-face, duck face, MySpace angles, whatever you want. All we ask is that you’re clothed (looking out for the young and conservative fans out there!), that you don’t use Photoshop or editing software to alter your image (unless it’s for red eye or basic color adjustment), and that you mean it if you hold up that statement. Here’s what we’re going to do with your beautiful photos:

1) Use them as a photo montage in our music video for the Beauty Redefined theme song professionally written and recorded by singer/songwriter Jules Morrow, titled “We Need Beauty Redefined.” This amazing song is deserving of a powerful video to go along with it, which we’ll post on our site and on YouTube, as a message to anyone and everyone that “beauty” is more all-encompassing, more achievable, healthier and more beautiful than profit-driven industries would have us believe.[mp3_embed blog_plyrs=”2″]

Kari is a young mom, an avid runner, a Texan, and she is definitely beauty redefined!

2) The next way we’ll put your photos to good use is through posting them on our Facebook page, adding them here on this post, and Instagramming them @TakeBackBeauty (follow us!!) with hashtag #TakeBackBeauty.  Scroll down! We want a whole album of people (males are welcomed!) of all ages, races, ethnicities, locations, styles and views who represent what it means, and how crucial it is, that we redefine what it means to be beautiful. Please join us in forming a visual display of the beautiful faces behind this much-needed movement! See the pictures we’ve compiled and please tag yourself and your friends and family in your own photo in our photo album and displayed here!

Isn’t keeping it real a beautiful thing? When we begin to look each other eye to eye, we see what reality looks like. And in these faces, we see all the potential in the world to do what we do best – smile, play, serve, laugh, work, help, and LIVE! The world needs YOU – not just a pretty vision of you – but ALL of you. Here’s to keeping it real!

For a donation of any amount, we’ll send you the MP3 of the song we posted above this amazing gallery – “Beauty Redefined” by Jules Morrow. We get goosebumps every time we listen to the lyrics of this song, so beautifully written and recorded by the talented Jules. Your donation will support this not-for-profit cause of continuing to spread these positive body image messages worldwide through this site and our regular speaking engagements. Please also send us your own “I am Beauty Redefined” photo to and we’ll add it to this wonderful gallery. You can also support the cause by buying and wearing one of our I am Beauty Redefined T-shirts that does the talking for you! Thank you and we love you! You are Beauty Redefined!

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