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  • Not Picture Perfect? Bounce Back from a Body Image Blow


      1 New Notification:  [Someone] added a photo of you. Oh wow. It’s not good. It’s so not good. Whatever the reason — bad angle, unflattering position, weird filter, googley eye, whatever. You HATE it. We’ve all experienced this one way or another. If not …

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  • The Guys’ Guide to Seeing Women, Not Objects


      Most of our research and nonprofit efforts focus on teaching girls and women to take their power back in the face of an objectifying culture that values physical ideals above all else. This post is about the flipside of that same issue: How men and boys can take their …

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  • Taking Back Beauty: We’re Not Buying It Because We Own It!


     We came across some pretty tragic news on the newsstands today. Boys’ Life magazine, the official magazine of the Boy Scouts, sells little guys on a life of adventure and awesomeness. Their headlines: Take the Plunge High Adventure Awaits You True Stories of Scouts in …

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