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  • Photoshop Web Poster Beauty Redefined1

    Photoshop Phoniness: Hall of Shame


      Photoshopping, digital alteration, image manipulation, blah blah blah. Everyone talks about the fact that so many images of women are “perfected” with the help of technology, but do we really understand how serious this issue is? Like exactly HOW MUCH these photos are manipulated …

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  • No Prince Charming Can Conquer Your Body Image Battle


      When it comes to how you feel about your body, you’re not a damsel in distress. Yes, you might be a damsel and your body image might be in distress, but no dashing prince can rescue you from this one. No matter how strong …

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  • I Am Beauty Redefined Picture Banner

    Are YOU Beauty Redefined?


      So are you? That depends. Are you beautiful? Yep, more than you know. Do you see the need for society’s ideas of “beauty” to be redefined? I sure hope so. If you can answer yes to both these questions — or if you even …

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