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  • Exercise

    Healthy Redefined Part 2: Forget About Fat and Get Fit!


      Read Part 1 of this “Healthy  Redefined” Series HERE! In a world where health successes and failures are too often measured entirely by weight loss or weight gain, we have to seriously reconsider this idea. Fitness researchers prove it: “There is a need to increase knowledge …

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  • Strong 4 Life Anti Obesity Ads 537x387

    Healthy Redefined Part 1: Measuring the Obesity Crisis


      From unfortunate fat-shaming in Georgia’s “Strong4Life” campaign put on by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to kids being graded on their weight in public schools across the country via their BMI score on their report cards, we see well-meaning people using harmful and ineffective strategies …

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  • Swimsuit2012

    Sex Appeal and Thin Ideals: Are Men to Blame?


    We know body hatred, self-objectification, disordered eating and cosmetic surgery are at all-time highs. So who is to blame for all the serious body image issues so rampant among girls and women today? Money? Media? Sexism? Psychological factors? While it’s likely a complicated combination of …

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