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  • When Redefining Beauty Gets Ugly!


    Gaining a new perspective on “beauty” and all the harmful ideals that go with it can be an incredibly empowering and uplifting experience! But sometimes it can complicate things… A wonderful Beauty Redefined supporter who is engaged and elbow-deep in wedding preparation sent us this sort of …

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  • Billboard Beauty Redefined: It’s Happening!


    Beauty Redefined is ridiculously excited to announce that we are officially taking Beauty Redefined to the streets! After proving our non-profit status, we have been approved by Reagan Billboards to promote healthy body image as a public service announcement (PSA) on billboards all over our home base, here …

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  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Salt Lake City is Vainest of Them All?


      Salt Lake City, Utah, is known for its ski slopes, Latter-day Saints, Sundance Film Festival and … unmatched vanity? One of these things is not like the others, but according to research at Forbes, the Beehive State’s capitol earned the now-infamous title “Vainest City in the …

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  • Sexy, Super Skinny and Searching for Love: The Kids are Watching WHAT?!


    A study just released by the Institute on Gender in Media echoes the research we do, but could be shocking for many Beauty Redefined followers who haven’t spent their free time critically analyzing kids’ media options! And we’re not talking about pop culture choices you’ve never …

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  • Call the Body Police! We’ve got a Thin One!


      It seems as if no one is immune to comments from others about their bodies — what we’re calling “body policing.” One awesome blogger, Autumn Whitefield-Madrano at The Beheld, believes she somehow escaped the “body cops” at one point of her life. Here, she shares how …

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