Monthly Archive for: ‘February, 2011’

  • There is HOPE! Beautiful Words from our Beautiful Supporters


      The most rewarding part of dedicating so much of our lives to this cause is the feedback we get from supporters – whether they’ve been online reading our research or have been in the audience of one of our presentations, or both. Along with …

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  • “Weigh Less, Smile More:” How Fitness Magazines Define Health in Very Unhealthy Ways


    Though fashion and lifestyle magazines are the traditional targets of research on body image dissatisfaction and eating disorder connections, I argue that fitness magazines are an even more important source to examine for their potential influence on these matters. They don’t just show readers what’s in style or what’s …

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  • “Beauty Redefined: Mormon Researchers Promote Media Literacy”


    A website dedicated to providing people across the world with a glimpse into LDS women’s lives,, featured an interview with us about our work for Beauty Redefined. It’s not often that we get to share the spiritual side of how and why we are …

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  • In Defense of Beauty Redefined


    Note to Readers: A website has published a piece on why “Redefining Beauty Campaigns Won’t Work,” focusing specifically on LDS-oriented strategies, and citing our website repeatedly as they misrepresent and distort our years of work. This was only the first in a two-part series on …

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  • How Girls and Women Can Take Back Beauty


      It takes real-life strategies to recognize harmful ideals about beauty and health and then reject them! Start with this list of totally doable strategies to redefine beauty and health in ways that promote real health, happiness, strength and love for yourself and others. Stop …

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  • How Boys and Men Can Help Take Back Beauty


    Below are some practical tips that boys and men can use in the battle to take back beauty. This important cause can be greatly benefited by the support of males who care! RUN from Normalized Pornography: Depicting sexual images and dialogue is now a normal part …

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  • A Hit TV Show Under Inspection: XOXO, Gossip Girl


    High society and low blows are back as teen drama GOSSIP GIRL continues its rein as a smash hit in its 4th season, giving millions of viewers a glimpse into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. Here, we’re offering the inside scoop on this wildly …

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  • Facts and Figures: 10 Girls Tell the Truth About Weight


      Since we’ll see billions more images of women’s bodies in media than we ever will in real life, then it’s no surprise we all have a messed up idea of what normal weights, sizes and shapes really are. Hollywood isn’t showing or telling us anything …

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  • Beauty Whitewashed: How White Ideals Exclude Women of Color


    At Beauty Redefined, we talk a lot about harmful media beauty ideals that become unquestioned norms in our minds. Things like extreme thinness, appearance-focused “fitness,” sex appeal, and photoshopping phoniness are rampant in media and normalized as our cultural ideals. But one of the most oppressive ideals excludes …

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